Turning 30? Here Are 7 Things You Need to Do

Transitioning from your twenties to your thirties is a big milestone, as it marks the end of early adulthood. You might be approaching this transition with some anxiety, so to help you navigate this new phase of life, here are seven essential tips to help you make the most of your thirties.

1. Assess Your Finances

It’s possible that your finances weren’t a major priority in your twenties. After all, the twenties are usually defined by college life, experiencing true independence for the first time, and “finding yourself” by exploring new experiences and relationships.

By the time you enter your thirties, however, it’s time to get serious about your financial situation. Age 30 is a great time to assess your finances by setting clear, measurable financial goals, such as:

  • Paying off debt
  • Investing in your retirement
  • Saving for a down payment for a home or property

To set your goals and create a plan to achieve them, meet with a financial advisor who can offer guidance on wealth management strategies while helping you create a budget you can stick to.

2. Invest in Your Career

By the time you’re 30, you should have some professional experience under your belt on which you can capitalize. Take some time to invest in your career by:

  • Refining or enhancing your skills
  • Pursuing additional education
  • Obtaining professional certifications
  • Networking within your industry
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These steps will establish you as an asset to employers and help you secure long-term growth and stability in your career.

3. Practice Self-Care

Your thirties may come with an increase in stress like you’ve never known in the past. As such, it’s a great time to double down on caring for your physical, emotional, and mental health. You can do this by:

  • Scheduling regular appointments with your doctor and other healthcare providers
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Exercising regularly

Some ways to prioritize your mental health include seeking therapy, nurturing friendships, and finding healthy ways to manage stress.

4. Evaluate Your Relationships

You’re not the same person at age 30 that you were at age 20. Evaluate your relationships to make sure you’re surrounded by people who are supportive and willing to contribute to your well-being. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from unhealthy relationships you’ve built in the past.

5. Plan for Your Future

As you enter your thirties, you should consider your long-term goals and aspirations. Where do you want to be five years from now? What about 10 years?

Develop a plan that outlines your vision for your career and personal life. Regularly check in with your plan to review and update it according to your values and priorities as they shift.

6. Establish a Work-Life Balance

It can be difficult to have a work-life balance in your twenties as you adjust to being a young professional. Once you’re in your thirties, however, you should prioritize cultivating a work-life balance that encourages your overall well-being.


Here’s how:

  • Set boundaries, like turning off work notifications when you’re off the clock
  • Create routines that emphasize self-care, like attending a fitness class before or after work
  • Make time for leisure activities and hobbies

Keep in mind that achieving balance is an ongoing practice that will take time, especially as you work to tick off your goals.

7. Give Back to Your Community

As you establish yourself more in your career and personal life, consider ways to make a positive impact in your community. Some ideas include:

  • Volunteering at local organizations whose missions resonate with you
  • Supporting local businesses by shopping small as often as possible
  • Joining groups that make a difference in your community

Giving back not only helps your neighborhood and community but can also improve your well-being, help you make new connections and develop new skills, expand your professional network, and give you a profound sense of fulfillment.

Embracing Life in Your Thirties

Your thirties are a time of growth and change. By practicing these seven tips, you’ll be in a good position to handle changes with grace and resilience.

Investing in yourself, your career, and your future will set you up for ongoing success. Likewise, working on maintaining balance, setting boundaries, and fostering positive relationships will ensure that you’re surrounded by people who are rooting for you.

Don’t be afraid to turn 30. Instead, embrace this new decade of life and the boundless possibilities it presents.

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