The Hat-Wearing Guide for Men

hatsThe hat is one of the most important fashion accessories for modern men. It doesn’t matter which hats you choose, be it formal hats or informal hats, you need to know how you can wear the hats as per your fashion statement as well as the event you’re planning to attend. If you don’t know how to wear the hats, you won’t be able to boost your fashion statement. 

Not only hats are an effective way to complement your outfit, but they are also one of the most functional and versatile fashion accessories for men that are relevant for any season. The hats will also protect you from various natural elements such as sun, rain, UV rays, wind, dust, etc. 

As there are different types of hats available in the market, you need to ensure that you’re wearing them properly. These are the hat basics you need to know so that you can wear the hats properly. 

Panama Hats 

Originated from Ecuador, the Panama hats used to be made of leaves of palm-like plants. They are light-colored and one of the most popular hats for men. 

The bespoke Panama hats that are made by special Ecuadorian weavers are one of the most traditional styles of Panama hats that you can find in the market. The Panama hats dominate the mens hats world as they are great for both formal and informal events. Due to their lightweight and high ventilation, the Panama hats are something you should use during the summer months. With the help of the ventilation feature, the Panama hats will always feel comfortable on your head. Make sure you choose carefully if you want Panama hats for summer. Additionally, consider the season while purchasing the Panama hats. They might not prove effective during the winter season. 

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Fedora Hats 

The fedora hats are something that is desired by both men and women. However, for the past couple of years, men have started pairing their fedora hats with their formal outfits to stand apart from the crowd. Even though the fedora hats were popular amongst businessmen, nowadays they are also great for less stylish citizens of the society. 

If you’re planning to attend a formal event and want to wear formal outfits, the fedora hats will help you boost your fashion statement. Not only are they available in different materials but also in colors as well as widths. However, make sure you purchase high-quality fedora hats. This is because high-quality hats will remain in their original color and shape for a long time. Make sure you’re not wearing fedora hats with the brim down. 

Bowler Hat

Primarily designed for the British people, the bowler hats are something capable of withstanding moderate weather conditions. Despite the origin, the bowler hats are one of the most famous fashion accessories for men. 

The unique appearance of the bowler hats captured the attention of men and soon their popularity exploded. They are perfect for informal events where the hats will make you look confident and unique. Even though the bowler hats come with a long lifespan, the longevity of the hats is dependent on the materials you choose. 

Make sure you pay close attention while purchasing bowler hats as they might or might not come with the water-resistant feature. Don’t expect to use the bowler hats for years if you don’t focus on the care and maintenance process.

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Dad Hat

The dad hats regained their popularity in 2017 when older men started going for heavyweights again. If you think that the dad hats are just like the typical baseball hats, you’re wrong. They are one type of baseball hat that comes with an ageist title. They are extremely comfortable. When you choose dad hats of proper fitting, you will never know that you’ve been wearing a hat. They are extremely affordable as well as a great option for hair regrowth treatments. As per For Hims, hats don’t cause hair loss

Due to their functionality and appearance, the dad hats have also started gaining fame amongst millennials. Make sure you find dad hats that are capable of reflecting your fashion statement and personality. Additionally, keep in mind that dad hats are one type of informal headgear. Therefore, don’t wear them at formal events. 

Trilby Hats 

The trilby hats are almost identical to the fedora hats. This is why many people become confused while purchasing them. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you will end up purchasing wring products. The only thing that will help you distinguish the trilby hats from the fedora hats is the brim. The brim of the trilby hats is lowered and shorter than the fedora hats. Even though they were a famous hat choice during the 19th century, they no longer come with common features to be established in the corporate wardrobe. 

Nowadays, the trilby hats are associated with pickup artists and gamers. If you want to purchase a trilby hat, make sure you consider the weather condition. This is because trilby hats are not waterproof and they will be damaged if you exposed them to water for a long time. 

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Boater Hat

The boater hat is one of the most popular summer accessories for men that gained popularity in the 19th century. Even though many years have passed, the popularity of the boater hats hasn’t diminished. Nowadays, most men prefer boater hats while planning to attend formal events. The boater hats are made of sennit straw and a ribbon around the corner of the hat. One of the best functionalities of boater hats is that they will always help you boost your fashion statement and stand apart from the crowd. 

The specific style of headgear is one of the most famous aspects of men’s fashion. As they are formal, you need to wear them in suits and trousers. Make sure you don’t pair the boater hats with jeans or other types of informal outfits. Otherwise, you will look vague and your fashion statement will affect your personality. The boater hats are not perfect for an understated dresser. 


This is the ultimate hat-wearing guide for men. If you want to wear hats to ensure your fashion statement and personality look and feel amazing, you need to ensure you’re wearing the hats properly. Make sure you visit our website to choose the relevant hats. 

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