Meditech EHR – Top Features You Need to Know About!


Meditech EHR – Top Features You Need to Know About!

Meditech EMR is a system that is installed on your own computer. The vendor’s solution is available to a wide range of medical specialty practices. Meditech EMR is one of the most well-known frameworks due to its flexibility and adaptability. In this piece, we are going to talk about the top features of Meditech EHR and its substitute AthenaOne EHR, so let’s get started!

Top Meditech EMR Features

Patient Engagement Management

Customers want to be able to get care when and where they want it, using new tech that they are familiar with. Patients expect attentive care from knowledgeable clinicians. With MEDITECH Expanse Patient Engagement solutions, you can do both. By providing your clients with tools that fit their ways of life, you’re laying the groundwork for long-term relationships and healthy and balanced society of clients who are engaged in their own care. Create a more comprehensive picture of your patient’s condition. By synchronizing the MEDITECH portal with Medical Files on iPhone, they’ll have access to their prescription drugs, allergies, lab results, and other critical details. Your patients are able to:


  • In one accumulated record, they can see their health data from multiple participating organizations.
  • Combine data from their health records with data from the fitness tracking system and virtual tracking devices.
  • Medication information, allergies, lab tests, processes, conditions, vaccinations, and vital signs are all available.
  • Suppliers who use iOS 15 can share certain information from the Health app with them, filling in shortfalls in their data and directing safer treatment decisions.
  • When new figures become accessible, you’ll be notified.
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Self Service Analytics

The health of your organization and your patients depends on how well you manage big data. However, these proposals can be time and resource-intensive. Business & Clinical Analytics (BCA) now takes care of the heavy lifting. BCA is a web-based data visualization solution that helps businesses increase efficiency, track progress, and improve results. BCA puts your medical, financial, and organizational information to work and scores your organization in the right direction. It’s simple to set up, use, and completely incorporated with MEDITECH EHR. MEDITECH updates your dashboard library on a regular basis. Meditech also promises to add innovative dashboards and analyses, with filters for time frames, suppliers, payers, client classes, health manifestations, and more.


Using intuitive, interactive techniques that draw from MEDITECH’s pre-built datasets, creating personalized dashboards is a breeze. User-defined dashboards are simple to create and even simpler to understand. Simply drag and drop metrics into colorful graphs and charts to display your information in meaningful ways, with no programming knowledge required. Customize our pre-built dashboards or create your own from scratch. Identify patterns and drill down for a clearer picture of your company’s financial health and future prospects. Determine the connections between financial and clinical effectiveness to prevent costly punishments and maximize reimbursement. Dashboards that exhibit targets and evaluate progress can help you track your progress toward organizational goals.

Mobile Solutions

No doctor wants to take additional work home with them at the end of the day, but they do require access to critical texts, notifications, outcomes, and other workflow items when they are not in the office. Expanse Now gives them that access with the same pace, mobility, and comfort as their other smartphone apps. Expanse Now, which is available for Android and iOS smartphones, allows physicians to safely access their Expanse EHR from anywhere using instinctive mobile device conventions. They can now effectively communicate and coordinate care from the palm of their hands without having to communicate to the comprehensive EHR from a desktop or laptop. With Expanse, you can:

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  • View their own workflow items as well as the workload items of the providers they are covering.
  • Get notified when new workload items are added.
  • Check out the patient’s results.
  • View patient information such as demographics, allergies, prescription drugs, and issues.
  • Examine relevant clinical information about the patient.
  • Organize requests for prescription refills.
  • View and return calls from patients.
  • Messages/tasks should be composed and updated.
  • Assign read/unread status to items.

Patient Connect

Expanse Patient Connect, our newest Cloud Platform service, allows you to create a community of involved, loyal customers while also improving your organization’s efficiency through an advanced, web-based solution. By connecting with clients wherever they may be and through their ideal channel, you can “close the last mile” to them. Improve your bottom line by trying to make your employees more effective and reducing no-show appointments.


Expanse Patient Connect can assist your organization drive portal adoption and use by such as links that feed client intake/appointment processes in day-of-appointment messages, as well as supplying an easy release to the portal in the consultation reminder text. See what patient can do for:


  • They’re already used to this type of technology, so there’s no need for an app or internet connection to respond.
  • There will be no waiting on hold to confirm appointments.
  • To complete pre-visit forms, enter the patient portal quickly.

Medical Organisations

  • Patients’ phone tags should be reduced.
  • To fill open slots, confirm consultations, and recognize cancellations as soon as possible.
  • Expanse receives confirmations and cancellations automatically, saving time.
  • Allow employees to focus on higher-value tasks.
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Virtual Care

Patients were first exposed to the perks and comfort of virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic. And over half of Americans said they were likely to use digital care for healthcare services in the future, indicating that it will become the standard of care. No matter the conditions, MEDITECH’s Virtual Care solution allows clients to stay tied to their healthcare professionals (and your organization) via convenient video visits. Furthermore, healthcare organizations can expand their virtual care by offering enhanced urgent care consultations to both new and current clients using Virtual On-Demand Care.

Meditech EHR Alternative – AthenaOne Software

athenaOne EHR assists doctors in providing high-quality care by organizing the point of care for optimum clinical efficiency, performing institutional and quality services on behalf of doctors to guarantee full payment, and monitoring all doctor orders to close the loop on outcomes and follow-up care. Physicians benefit from ongoing, embedded access to the nation’s largest clinical network’s best practices, as well as the most up-to-date and comprehensive quality rules and industry regulations. To know more about AthenaOne EMR, you can schedule an Athenaone demo.



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