Fun Things To Do In Fulshear TX: Family-friendly Weekend Activities

Fulshear, Texas, is a great area because of its excellent schools, master-planned communities, and numerous shopping and dining options. It’s more than just a bunch of subdivisions a few miles outside Houston’s city boundaries. – Fulshear TX

Spending quality time with our loved ones is the best way to show them how much you care and value them. If you’re looking to spend quality time with your children and build memories they’ll talk about for years, consider doing some of the following weekend activities in Fulshear, Texas.

Family-Friendly Backyard Activity

A great place to spend quality time with the entire family is in the backyard of a house. There are countless ways to host a party in your backyard and have everyone enjoy the grass, trees, nooks, and crannies. There is something special about having a backyard with a pond or a river running through it or trees over a hundred years old. 

New homes in Fulshear TX offer you a better connection to nature. Living in rural areas has various advantages, like an expansive yard, quiet, and a healthy environment to raise your family. To that end, here are a few fun things to do in Fulshear, Texas that are within easy reach. 

1. Gardening

Outdoor gardening is a momentary activity that the whole family may participate in and enjoy. As a starting point, take your family to a local gardening store, such as an indoor nursery or an outdoor plant sale shop.

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When you get your kids engaged in the process early on, they get to choose seeds, pre-made plants, and other equipment that they might wish to use. Your kids can help with the watering once the seeds are planted. 

They can also help out removing any weeds that might be lurking nearby. Your child will soon be running the entire outdoor garden before realizing it.

2. Backyard camping

Try glamping with the kids if you like the idea of camping but don’t think they’re ready for an entire weekend in the wilderness. You don’t need to leave your house for a night of camping with your family. Most houses in Fulshear feature a modest or large backyard, which can save money and allow you to relax at home.

You’ll need a few things for this family night out, such as insect spray and a lamp. Grilling hot dogs and marshmallows on a long stick is an easy way to serve them to your guests. During your time in the tent, you can take turns telling stories or singing songs to one another.

3. Hide and Seek 

Hide and seek can be a fun way for your kids to go about and explore your backyard while they remain safe at home. Incorporating this game into your home makes it more demanding and entertaining. As a parent, you may need to establish some rules or guidelines to ensure that no one gets wounded or lost while playing the game.

Family-friendly Outdoor Activity

Go beyond your backyard, and you’ll find plenty of things to do in Fulshear TX to spend quality time with our family, including parks, playgrounds, and other open spaces perfect for outdoor activities. Water parks, exercise centers, and sporting fields are just some of the amenities available at Cross Creek Ranch. Even if you want to stroll over the ranch’s paved trails and verdant fields, this area has you covered.

  1. Biking together

There is no better way to bring a family together than to bike. When starting with young children, it’s best to start slowly at a peaceful park or even a parking lot.

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Fulshear has long served as a trail and rest station for West Houston residents on their favorite bicycle routes. The Fulshear Area and the Cross Creek Ranch subdivision are great places for novice riders to get some practice or a quick workout. Sun & Ski Sports at Katy Mills Mall is the most convenient bike shop for residents of Cross Creek Ranch wanting to buy a new bike or other cycling gear!

2. Going on a Picnic

Located at Cross Creek Ranch lies Arbor Park. During breaks between games, there is a covered pavilion and lots of parking for all team members. It’s a great spot for everyone in the family to find something to do and have a good time.

Homes for sale in Fulshear TX have many attractive local county parks and great places to be outside for you. Visit any of the best Fulshear TX real estate agencies if you’re thinking of buying a home in the outer city or in a more rural part of Houston. Families who have grown weary of the city’s constant noise and bustle will find the quiet, the ample space, and the simple way of life all enticing.

3. Shopping At The Farmer’s Market

It’s an excellent option for a family adventure over the weekend because farmer’s markets are often only open on Saturdays or Sundays. The Fulshear Farmers’ Market offers a wide variety of produce and food products grown or produced within a 200-mile radius of Fulshear.

The market can be a great teaching tool for the entire family, allowing them to discover new healthy recipes and foods sourced locally. Purchase organic food and then teach your children how to cook it using the ingredients you purchased on your trip.

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4. Family fitness activity 

To name just a few of the activities that may be enjoyed by everyone in the family, Badminton, Ten-Pin Bowling, and Table Tennis are just a few examples. Organizing little tournaments and head-to-head with your kids as they become older is a great way to get in some exercise while having fun with them.


Fulshear, Texas, is a great destination, but it’s also a great place to live. Whatever it is that might keep you from spending time with your family this weekend, be sure to plan something fun for everyone. When you do things together, you can connect and talk with your family about what matters.

The options for things to do in Fulshear TX with fun are plentiful, so pick the ones that most interest you and your loved ones. Creating lasting experiences with your family doesn’t have to be expensive. 

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