Tips On Buying Your First Diamond Pendant

What is that one jewelry item that makes the perfect gift or one which you can wear daily? Without a doubt, a diamond pendant! Whenever these questions pop up, the answer to this is the same. A diamond pendant is the perfect choice for everyday wear. It is chic, classic and the best part is, it never goes out of style!

Nowadays, there are so many options of diamond pendants to choose from. Whether you are a man or a woman, in this article, we have got you covered! Here are some tips on buying your first diamond pendant. 

  • Decide on a Budget:

Your first concern while getting a diamond pendant should be about your budget. The thing about diamond pendants is that they are available in a huge variety and can suit nearly every level of budget. Deciding on your budget will help you pick a diamond pendant that is according to your taste. 

The weight of the carat is a major factor in the price of your diamond pendant. The more carat your diamond is, the steeper the price. 

  • Educate Yourself on Different Diamond Shapes:

Our next tip for you is to know about the different shapes that diamond comes in. You don’t want to barge into the shop and have no clue about what to get. Deciding on a shape will give you a variety of style options to choose from. 

Where a simple diamond shape pendant is the choice of many, there are different options available too. The most common shape that most people go for is the round diamond. A round-shaped diamond has always been a classic, and you simply can’t go wrong by picking this. However, if you want to get something unique and elegant at the same time, then you can look into other non-round shapes. These shapes appear more prominent than usual, and they include princess, oval, pear, radiant, trillion, heart, and much more. Out of all these, the princess diamond cut is the most sought after. 

  • Know About Diamond Alternatives:
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The price of diamonds is skyrocketing these days. If your budget is not big, consider looking for alternatives. There are a few options available that give real diamonds a run for their money! One of those is lab-made diamonds. These diamonds are excellent in quality and are long-lasting too. Not to forget, they pose the same beauty and grace as real diamonds. 

  • Decide on a Diamond for Your Pendant:

Are you getting a diamond pendant for a special occasion or as a gift? Then the best choice will be to stick with the traditional diamond stones. However, if you are getting them for daily wear purposes for yourself, then better check out other stones. Colored stones such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, and aquamarine, are perfect and durable for everyday wear. Each one of these looks elegant and dainty in 

its own way! Classic diamond stones suit almost everyone out there. However, you can pick a colored stone according to your skin tone!

  • Be Mindful of the Metal You Choose for Your Chain:

When buying a diamond pendant, most people don’t pay much heed to the metal they pick for the chain. This part is often ignored, but in reality, it makes a huge difference in the overall look of your diamond pendant. There are four types of metal, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. Since it is your first time getting a diamond pendant, the best choice will be to stick with a platinum or white gold chain. These chains go best with any kind of diamond. However, if you want a more traditional look, then even yellow gold will look best too!

  • Choose the Right Length for the Pendant:
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You must choose the right length for your pendant. Many people have different preferences, but a 16 inches chain length would be the perfect choice. A pendant of this length will suit well and accentuate your collarbone. Overall it will fulfill the purpose of pendants, which is to make you feel your best!

18 inches and 20 inches chain lengths work fine too. Ultimately, it depends on how much you will wear your diamond pendant. If it is for special occasions, choose between 18 to 20 inches, however for everyday use, 16 inches will be perfect. 

  • Choose the Right Setting:

What gives diamond pendants their elegant appearance? Their settings! There are three types of settings, prong, halo, and bezel. 

  • Prong Settings:

The classic and most common setting is the prong one. Prong settings hold the diamond in place while also allowing it to shine from every side. This is the reason why this setting is the number one consumer choice. Prong settings further have two types: the 4-prong and the 6-prong. For a classic long, 4-prong should be your choice. However, if you are looking for a classic and also a dainty, unique look, then the 6-prong setting is the one to choose.  

  • Halo Settings:

This setting is for those who want to go all out with their diamond pendants. The halo settings hold your diamond in the center with a cluster of other shimmering diamonds. This setting makes your center diamond appear big and glamorous. They are the perfect choice if you are looking for an extra bling on your pendant!

  • Bezel Settings:
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Bezel settings are the most secure out of the three. They provide extra diamond protection and prove to be more long-lasting than others. Along with that, they give the perfect modern touch while adding classic hues to it as well!


Buying your first diamond pendant is not an easy task. You have to make sure to get the perfect diamond at the right price that will serve the look too. By keeping the above tips in mind, you will for sure land yourself a great piece! 

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