Yetunde Price Death – What happened to Yetunde Price’s children?

Yetunde Price Death – Serena Williams, and her sister Venus, are two of the world’s best tennis players. The pair overwhelms on the court, individually, without any indications of halting. Their private lives, be that as it may, have been damaged by misfortune. In 2003 a silly killing took their more established sister, Yetunde Price. Here is a little with regards to the sister Serena called “the most pleasant individual.”

Yetunde Price was Serena Williams most seasoned sister

Tennis star Serena Williams and sister Yetunde Price present for cameras at the ESPY Awards. Yetunde is wearing a white suit with a pink top, and Serena astonishes in a pink strap dress. However many know about the achievements of the Williams sisters, the two have eight different kin. One of which, Price, functioned as an individual right hand for her more youthful sisters for quite a while shuffling a large number of different obligations.

In addition to the fact that Price stood by her popular sisters’ sides while they won different honors and got numerous awards, yet she additionally filled in as an enrolled medical caretaker and co-claimed a beauty parlor before her passing.

Cost is the oldest of Oracene Price’s (Serena and Venus Williams’ mom) five youngsters with Yusef Rasheed. Transmit the UK recently detailed that, however, Price acknowledged “some monetary help” from her VIP sisters, she generally made do with her own volition, proceeding to remain in her own home. “Not set in stone to take care of herself on the planet.”

The cost was a mother of three small kids

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In 2003, Price was shot to death in a drive-by close to a presumed packhouse in Compton as she rode as a traveler in an SUV with her beau, Rolland Wormley. She was supposedly not the expected objective. The Daily Mail detailed that Price’s sweetheart was purportedly the objective.

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