Alimineti Madhava Reddy Death – Has Died!

Alimineti Madhava Reddy Death – In a sensational scene in the Legislative Assembly on Friday, TDP public president N. Chandrababu Naidu promised to go to the House again just as a Chief Minister while organizing a walkout in the challenge a blast of individual remarks made by YSR Congress (YSRC) MLAs during a conversation on the farming area.

Inconvenience started when the TDP MLAs were offering a few remarks on the Chief Minister and raised the issue of the supposed inclusion of YSRC MLA Ambati Rambabu at times when he had a problem with the evening out of claims on the CM. He answered that there were criminal cases on the opposite side as well and Mr. Naidu ought to be ready for a conversation on them.

Some YSRC MLAs went to the degree of saying that Mr. Naidu took part in the homicide of Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga and Alimineti Madhava Reddy, and making the frequently rehashed analysis that he got his dad law N.T. Rama Rao’s ruin.

The decision party MLAs said it was Mr. Naidu who has been offering provocative remarks from the start about the situation with an examination of Y.S. Vivekananda Reddy murder with regards to a wild charge that Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy was behind the wrongdoing, and it prompted their remarks which, they guaranteed, were not close to home.

At the point when Mr. Naidu and his party MLAs, and YSRC MLAs were yelling at one another, Minister Kodali Sri Venkateswara Rao was said to have articulated an oppressive word about Mr. Naidu and it prompted commotion.

Speaker Thammineni Seetharam attempted to no end to reestablish request as Ministers Sri Venkateswara Rao and Balineni Srinivasa Reddy, MLA B. Madhusudhan Reddy, and others marched into the well of the House and had furious trades with Mr. Naidu and TDP MLAs.

At the point when the Speaker surrendered his interest that he be permitted to speak, Mr. Naidu said he was profoundly bothered with the abuses stacked on him and asserted that his family was being hauled into the obfuscate at the command of the CM.

Mr. Naidu communicated lament that after almost forty years of his political vocation during which he hobnobbed with the’s who of public pioneers, he needed to go through this extreme mission of character death. He then, at that point, swore that he would not return to the House till he turns into the CM yet his words were lost in the noise as his mike was cut by then, at that point.

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