Nadia Chaudhuri Obituary – Death: Cause of death!

Nadia Chaudhuri Obituary – Death: Dr Nadia Chaudhri, a neuroscientist and Associate Professor at Concordia University in Canada has died. Chaudhri was diagonsed with ovarian malignancy in 2020. On May 11, she said that opportunity has arrived for her to impart the disastrous news to her child.

Chaudhri was a Pakistani-British neuroscientist situated in Canada, where she was an educator at Concordia University since 2010. She is made due by her better half and one kid, a child matured six. Recently in May, a tweet by Chaudhri denoting the day she would inform her child concerning her moving toward death circulated around the web.

Taking to her Twitter handle, Nadia posted that she is biting the dust from malignant growth. With an image of herself with her child, she shared a progression of tweets disclosing her condition to her child.

Dr Nadia Chaudhri’s tweet read, “Today is the day I let my child know that I’m passing on from malignancy. It’s arrived at a point where he needs to hear it from me. Allow every one of my tears to stream now so I can be daring this evening. Allow me to yell with distress now so I can comfort him.”

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