Missing Missouri Woman – Missing Missouri woman was killed!

Missing Missouri Woman – Police say the 33-year-old’s remaining parts were found in a cooler at the home of one of the men blamed for grabbing her in Windyville, an unincorporated Ozarks people group around 160 miles from Kansas City. That man, James Phelps, had at first been captured and accused of hijacking Rainwater in September, alongside another man named Timothy Norton, a driver who had been living on Phelps’ property. Police have now increased the charges against the two men to first-degree murder.

The new charges come after stays recuperated at Phelps’ property only days after his capture was emphatically recognized as Rainwater’s.

Police have likewise unveiled new data around many different bits of proof recuperated for the situation, giving upsetting new insights concerning Rainwater’s last minutes that come as a stomach punch to numerous who dreaded the most exceedingly terrible from the earliest starting point. The case had as of now taken an extremely dull turn in September when subtleties streamed out with regards to Rainwater being held hostage and semi-stripped in an enclosure on Phelps’ property.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has now uncovered that the enclosure was the least of Rainwater’s torture: She was choked by the two men prior to being destroyed and dissected, as indicated by the authorities. A court order executed at Phelps’ home uncovered photographs of “a to some degree dressed female in a perceived enclosure as Cassidy,” police said in an assertion Wednesday. “The other photographs portrayed Cassidy’s body bound to a gantry crane, regularly utilized for deer handling, and her destruction and dismantling.”

Police have not yet given a rationale for the horrifying wrongdoing, yet they say Phelps and Norton arranged it ahead of time.

“Norton admitted to the homicide of Cassidy Rainwater. Norton told FBI specialists that Phelps had him come over while Cassidy was dozing in the parlor floor, so he had simple admittance to assault Cassidy,” the sheriff’s office said. Subsequent to entering, they say, Norton said he “held Cassidy’s legs down while Phelps choked her and set a pack over her head.”

Norton is said to have let specialists know that Phelps then, at that point “bound her to the gantry crane” and dismantled her. Police say “things from the cooler that had all the earmarks of being human tissue” have been emphatically distinguished as Rainwater’s remaining parts, and skeletal remaining parts having a place with her were additionally uncovered.

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