Water in aluminum cans is a Prime Plastic Alternative

Since 1968 water has been used and disposed of by people in plastic bottles worldwide. Causing one of the biggest problems such as the production of carbon because plastic has a very small ratio of recycling. – Water in aluminum cans

Plastic water bottles are also being not properly disposed of which generates environmental pollution. 

Therefore, as an alternative, the ideology of distributing and using water in aluminum cans was introduced in 1958 but it took companies almost 32 years to bring this ideology into an Aluminum recycling power plant in Werrington.  

Advantages of Aluminum Cans    

1-The biggest advantage of water in aluminum cans is that the aluminum cans can protect the content inside them from harmful radiation such as UV radiation. What a UV ray does to the content is that it often removes the important vitamins from the food or even water, that is the reason why freshwater or water in aluminum cans keeps you hydrated for a longer time compared with water in a plastic can.  

2-Water in Aluminum cans can also remain cooler for a longer time because of the tendency of aluminum to maintain the temperature of its content compared with normal water in a can. This ability of aluminum cans makes the heat waves or light waves reflect thus not letting them enter inside. 

Companies like RAIN have been recently involved in providing us with pure rainwater in aluminum cans. 

Recycling Process  

About 67 percent of the aluminum which is bought around the world can be recycled and this can be increased up to 90 percent as well which is another reason to shift onto the water in aluminum cans. Whereas only 9 percent of plastic that is bought is recycled leaving 91 percent of plastic to waste. Since aluminum can be recycled infinite time, several companies have also pledged to recycle 90 percent of aluminum. Countries like Germany, Brazil, and America are examples of how much aluminum can be recycled in just 1 year. 

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We have never heard that water could help you make money? Well, aluminum water bottles are also used for branding purposes and since water bottles are purchased by everyone your brand will also reach more people. 


Aluminum cans are very lightweight. Which makes their transportation very easy. Either these cans are being used by people who are involved in sports activities or by people who are transporting cans from one place to another. Such that a lighter material can be carried in extra quantity compared with heavy material


Aluminum has many advantages when used as an aluminum can. However, the recycling process should be well maintained so there is no need of producing more aluminum. However, since companies like RAIN are already involved in providing us with pure rainwater in aluminum cans by recycling as much aluminum as possible, use of aluminum shouldn’t be a problem.

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