Sue Turco Car Accident – Obituary – Cause of death!

Sue Turco Car Accident: Ricky Turco was arrested in court Friday evening for neglecting to show up in court on Wednesday. At the point when Turco neglected to show up Wednesday for a preliminary including a fender bender the previous fall, Judge Laurie Yardley requested the bond he had posted for the situation a month ago, $350, be relinquished, and she set another rate security for him in the measure of $5,000.

Before he was arrested for neglecting to show up, Turco was in court Friday on two intruding cases.

Judge James Foster proceeded with those cases to June 4 on the grounds that Turco is set to go to court Tuesday on his lawyer’s solicitation that he be assessed to decide his competency to stand preliminary on a murder accusation in the April 1 demise of Megan Churchill, 15.

Turco next went to another court, where he revealed to Lancaster County Judge Jean Lovell he couldn’t pay $500 bond for neglecting to show up on Wednesday.

That is the point at which a Lancaster County Sheriff’s appointee arrested Turco.

For the situation from the previous fall, Turco is accused of wild driving, leaving the area of a mishap, having no administrator’s permit and inability to show up Jan. 31 after he purportedly diverted onto First Street from D Street at 40 mph, bounced a control and struck a letter drop on Oct. 27, as per the mishap report.

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