Stevie Booth Missing – A missing 3-year-old girl Update!

Stevie Booth Missing – There are not kidding security worries around a 3-year-old young lady who disappeared from Darwin’s ocean side on New Year’s Eve. Police are truly terrified of the security of a 3-year-old young lady who was educated that she had vanished two days later she disappeared on New Year’s Eve.

The Stevie corner, otherwise called Stevie Crowson, was most recently seen on Friday, December 31st, between the jungle gym and latrine block at Mindil Beach in Darwin. The family told police that a three-year-old kid had vanished when a cop went to Malak’s land on one more issue on Sunday night.

Police have been told by family members that Stevie hasn’t been seen since Friday night and is currently looking for public assistance to track down the young lady Stevie was depicted as a native diminutive-haired man, wearing a Mickey Mouse, high contrast shorts, and a highly contrasting T-shirt with white shoes.

Agent Director Mark Malogolski said police are trusting that other relatives and companions will require the three-year-old kid to their consideration.

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