Shane Whitlow Missing – Did Lacey Whitlow have her baby?

Shane Whitlow Missing – Shane Whitlow has had an all-over relationship with his better half, Lacey Whitlow. Fans have nearly come to rely upon them this way and that. This period of Life After Lockup has been the same. She blamed him for cheating again and when it got excessively hot, Lacey contacted her ex, John. Presently, it seems Lacey and Shane are over for great and Shane might have formally left. However, has he left her, or would he say he is absent?

This was a couple that was such a huge amount of adoration. Shane Whitlow was in jail when he initially met Lacey who was additionally associated with John Slater. She and John were genuine when she understood she cared deeply about Shane. At whatever point there was an issue with one, she would slide back to the next. At long last, Shane and Lacey got hitched. Tragically, everything was upset and he wound up undermining Lacey.

John was consistently there to get the pieces. Ultimately, Lacey and Shane concluded they needed to have a child even though she had children from earlier connections. They invited their little girl Summer yet that is when Lacey felt their marriage went ahead. The couple went from being close constantly to him scarcely contacting her. Lacey’s companions persuaded her to check his telephone which was the point at which she tracked down dubious messages

At the rec center, she blamed Shane for playing with young ladies and at last made him take a falsehood indicator test It appeared he was conversing with others. In any case, he kept up with it was all from his OnlyFans account that she constrained him into making. Assuming he was conversing with a man or lady and sharing photographs, it was for the record. He then, at that point, inquired as to whether she was conversing with anybody yet she would not share she was conversing with John. At last, everything came out and Shane went crazy and the cops came.

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