Ricardo Munoz Killed – Cause of death!

Ricardo Munoz Killed: Simultaneously, they don’t accept he would have harmed the cop, regardless of having a blade. “I called the police and I was feeling that they would carry my child to the emergency clinic yesterday, not kill him,” Miguelina Pina, Munoz’s mom, said.

“That is the thing that we are sitting tight for,” Munoz’s stepfather, Victor Fernandez, included.

Before calling 911 on Sunday, Fernandez and Pina state the family’s first call was to Crisis Intervention, attempting to deescalate the circumstance.

Emergency Intervention, in any case, advised them to call the police for help.

The 27-year-old had experienced issues stemming mental inability for at any rate 10 years before he was determined to have schizophrenia around three years prior.

His family says he would have noteworthy emotional episodes and now and again become fomented.

While they were attempting to get him help, finding that help through the framework was troublesome.

The lamenting family says they feel let somewhere around the whole framework.

“There is no assistance here. There is not all that much,” Fernandez said. “I can’t envision that this city doesn’t have a mental here. If you get insane, you bite the dust yourself.”

Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace, alongside network pioneers, is communicating a similar concern.

During a news gathering, Monday, city pioneers called for more assistance from the lead representative and state assembly to support psychological well-being administrations.

The city police power has a social specialist on staff, and another in the employing stage. In any case, that social specialist was not at the call that leads to Munoz’s demise.

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