Missing in America Andrea – What Befell Andrea Knabel?

Missing in America Andrea – Andrea Knabel was a single parent of two who regularly elected to search for missing people. In any case, a brutal spot of incongruity in August 2019 implied she, at the end of the day, disappeared. Examination Discovery’s four-section docuseries ‘Finding Andrea’ digs into the secretive evaporating of the 37-year-old and the occasions paving the way to it. Thus, assuming that you’re interested to find out about what occurred in this situation, we take care of you.

Andrea Michelle Knabel lived in Louisville, Kentucky. The single parent had two children who were six and eight years of age at the hour of the episode. She functioned as an investigator before losing her employment yet at the same time made a point to maintain odd sources of income to deal with her kids. The brilliant, young lady investigated numerous virus cases and was a piece of Missing in America, a volunteer gathering that aided the quest for missing individuals.

Then, at that point, around 37 years of age, Andrea’s two children were with their dads, and she had been residing at her mom’s home. Additionally sharing the home was her more youthful sister, Sarah, and Sarah’s beau, Ethan. The house was being revamped, with Sarah and Ethan assisting. At some point around 12:15 AM on August 13, 2019, Andrea went to the home of another sister, Erin, who resided nearby. She strolled back to the mother’s home, coming by around 1:54 AM. Notwithstanding, she was not seen later that.

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