Missing Girl Manchester NH – Update!

Missing Girl Manchester NH – Police are looking for a 7-year-old young lady that hasn’t been seen in the north of two years. Examiners are currently going to people in general for help and say they’re exploring new pieces of information. The examination proceeded with New Year’s Day to find 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery, who was most recently seen at a home in Manchester in October 2019.

The New Hampshire principal legal officer’s office said they’re helping Manchester police, who are currently exploring new leads.

“I have analysts chipping away at this that all have offspring of their own. I don’t question their level of responsibility and we will remain at this day in and day out,” Manchester Police Chief Allen Altenberg said.

Examiners are not remarking on Harmony’s folks or on how they discovered the kid was missing, just saying they have addressed a few relatives.

“We’re not looking for any grown-up. We’re not looking for anyone right now other than Harmony, and that is somewhat why I needed to do this, to carry the concentration to this young lady here,” Altenberg said.

Manchester police said Saturday that Harmony’s vanishing was simply drawn out into the open prior to the week.

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