Missing Autistic Boy Scottsdale – Have you found Autistic Boy!

Missing Autistic Boy Scottsdale – There are zero leads. The police have done an extremely extensive rundown of activities to track down he said Najib Monsif’s sister, Josephine Motif. In the meantime, the FBI is collaborating with the Scottsdale Police Department to find Monsif, and his family is taking the necessary steps to track down him including a proposal of up to $100,000 for his protected return.

“Ordinary is progressively hard, watch my children enduring, watch Jubi’s mother enduring, it’s extremely hard, yet we need to go through it. Not set in stone to track down our child said Monsif’s dad, Najib Monsif Sr.

The 20-year-old has a chemical imbalance and friends and family say he has the intellectual ability of an eight-year-old youngster. He’s around 5 foot 10 inches. There are a few things you should be aware of him: Najib is depicted as savvy and kind. He rearranges when he strolls. He pulls his shirt up to his face. He plays computer games. He venerates his pup.

Assuming you ask his more established sister, Josephine, to know him, is to adore him.

“Simply an exceptionally cheerful child who realizes that his family cherishes him. He’s encircled by such a lot of adoration, now and again a mind-boggling measure of affection,” Josephine Monsif said.

At this moment, his family is broken later the young fellow they call their “heart” bafflingly evaporated in the evening.

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