John Lagowski Obituary – Has Died!

John Lagowski Obituary – John Lagowski’s Death was spread the word about through the Tributes we ran over via online media and a GoFundMe made for Cole’s Education: Lisa Abbrederis composed: Hi all. I just got the email underneath concerning the death of John Lagowski. No additional data is accessible. Kindly say a few supplications for John and his family. Kindly watch for his eulogy.

It is with a profound ardent pity that I am writing to tell you that I learned on Tuesday of John’s passing. I know some of you are now mindful of this. As both a schoolmate and companion, we as a whole got to know John. He was–for certain stand-out. He will be remembered fondly. it was incredible to see John progress from a brew drinking pal to a committed dad.

No burial service plans have been reported yet the primer conversations are to have something in WI. Kindly remember his child Cole, who is presently a secondary school senior. John and Cole were incredibly close and hung out. As some of you might review, the circumstance is considerably more grievous because Cole lost his mother around 2 years prior. Kindly keep them in your considerations and petitions. If it’s not too much trouble, give this to anybody I might have missed.

The GoFundMe page was made by Cordelia Coppleson to Support Cole Lagowski, LT Senior. It peruses:

As a considerable lot of you know, Cole Lagowski’s father, John, passed on this week. In April of 2020, Cole’s lost his mom, Robin. This is an unbelievable series of occasions that has left this wonderful kid, 10 days before Christmas, a vagrant. Cole is a senior at LTHS and moved on from Gurrie Middle School. Cole was a champion guarded player in the LT football crew until his football vocation finished with a torn ACL and meniscus. Cole had a fruitful medical procedure in October and has a long time of active recuperation ahead which he will currently need to pay for. Cole has chosen to remain at LT for the rest of his school year to be with the instructors, companions, and local area he cherishes. Cole is living with an LTHS family who loves him and is cheerful and fortunate to have him.

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Cole doesn’t have the advantage of a wellbeing net from extra security or different wellsprings of financing. He is confronted with choices we would not wish on any child. Cole is a stunning, solid, and versatile young fellow and has an amazingly splendid future in front of him. We would like this Go Fund Me to assist with supporting Cole in the subsequent stages of his schooling and future undertakings. If it’s not too much trouble, show him that he is seen, upheld, and adored by this stunning local area that is Lyons Township.

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