Ireland Scanlan Missing -Help Locate Girl From Warren County

Ireland Scanlan Missing: 16-year-old young lady, recognized as Ireland Scanlan, who is from Warren County had been accounted for missing after last found in Bowling Green close to Scottsville Road on Friday, October 9, 2020.

Scanlan is portrayed as a white female 5′6′’ tall, around 120 pounds, with long earthy colored hair and blue eyes.

At the hour of her vanishing, She was seen wearing a white pullover shirt, camo stockings, and white shoes.

Anybody with any data in regards to the area of Ireland Scanlan is approached to contact Kentucky State Police Post 3, Bowling Green at 270-782-2010 or 877-416-1224.

Missing Persons Awareness

InsideEko is focused on helping everybody that their cherished one is missing to spread the mindfulness so general society can help in the inquiry. We will likely acquire each missing individual the world back and safe.

Consistently, consistently, consistently, individuals are absent. More than 1 million individuals disappear each year in the worldwide society.

Some are discovered protected and alive, some discovered dead and some are rarely found. The group of these missing people endure heartbreaks, restless night, trusting their darling ones would return.

On the off chance that you have anybody missing, you can contact us at, The missing individual picture and their subtleties would be required.

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