Hicks Family Accident – Who is Hicks Family?

Hicks Family Accident – A Bell family passed on in a helicopter crash west of Bronson on Thursday evening. The mishap killed Ronald Hicks, 36; his significant other, Shelly Hicks, 32; and their two kids, Parker, 8, and Jaylyn, 5.

As per a Levy County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) online report, the LCSO 911 Center got a call of a potential airplane crash around 8:30 p.m., what’s more, was trailed by a call from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revealing a pain guide from a similar general area.

LCSO delegates found the accident scene off NE 60th Lane close to Wekiva Road west of Bronson. Specialists took in the family left a private home southwest of Bronson in an exclusive Robinson helicopter and was getting back to their home in Gilchrist County.

LCSO criminal investigators are working with National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and FAA authorities to figure out what caused the accident.

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