George Harrison Cause of Death – George Death Cause!

George Harrison Cause of Death – Matured 15 in July 1957, Paul McCartney met John Lennon and his band, the Quarrymen, at the St Peter’s Church Hall fête in Woolton. The Quarrymen performed for the most part rock and roll and skiffle music. McCartney was before long requested to join as a cadence guitarist.

Paul informed John regarding his companion George, and in 1958, he tried out for the band. Lennon felt George, having quite recently turned 15, was excessively youthful. Be that as it may, he later joined in the wake of associating with the gathering and became acknowledged as a part.

In the wake of attempting a few names, they picked The Beatles in August 1960 and marked drummer Pete Best before a residency in Hamburg, Germany.

Inside a couple of years, and with the appearance of drummer Ringo Starr, the Fab Four immediately turned into the greatest stars on earth, selling north of 800 million records around the world. He and Boyd met in 1964 during the development of the film A Hard Day’s Night, wherein 19-year-old Boyd had been given a role as a student.

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