Fraternity Boxing Death – Fraternity Passed Away!

Fraternity Boxing Death – A University of Nevada, Las Vegas understudy kicked the bucket last week after a club’s novice bout, as per a college articulation. Loved ones are grieving Nathan Tyler Valencia, 20, who passed on Nov. 23 – four days in the wake of partaking in Kappa Sigma brotherhood’s “Battle Night” on Nov. 19. As indicated by online media flyers posted by UNLV’s Kappa Sigma section, the off-grounds occasion was wanted to fund-raise for Center Ring Boxing in Las Vegas. Valencia was recorded as one of the warriors in the evening’s “Headliner.”

Scratch Lasso and Ryan Zimmer, the Valencia family’s lawyers, told USA TODAY Valencia had no boxing experience.

In a letter Friday to the grounds local area, UNLV President Keith Whitfield composed that Valencia imploded before long his battle and was taken to a medical clinic, where he passed on, as per Lasso and Zimmer.

Whitfield said UNLV is “submitting all accessible assets to audit the occurrence and decide how off-grounds occasions like these can be just about as protected as could be expected.”

The family’s attorneys focused on Valencia’s friends and family is looking for answers and responsibility.

“More than anything, the family without a doubt needs to ensure that this never happens again, to anybody – any youngster, child or girl,” Lasso said. “It’s an awful episode that was truly, totally avoidable. (This might have been kept away from by) having proficient refs, proficient clinical staff, or even not having an occasion like this at all regardless – where two understudies are in a battle with one another where one could get truly harmed.”

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