Courtney Sumpter Obituary – Courtney Passed Away!

Courtney Sumpter Obituary – Courtney Sumpter of Kansas City, Missouri has unfortunately died. Courtney Sumpter was reported expired on Facebook, Friday, December tenth, 2021 by Molly Wood. Subtleties encompassing Courtney Sumpter’s passing are obscure at the hour of this report. Courtney was involved with Brandon M. Slope.

Molly Wood grieved the “startling passing” of Courtney Sumpter of Kansas City, Missouri, in an assertion shared on Facebook.

“Courtney Sumpter my meatball. My Best companion. My sister. I have 10 years with you. 10 years of the absolute best, most absurd recollections that can never be supplanted. You have carried such a light to my life that can’t be diminished. I am so grateful I can clutch the most recent 2 months with you chatting on the telephone and FaceTime AT LEAST 5x per week and you assembling the best relationship with your nephew, Huxton.

I’m so grief-stricken I’ve lost another sister, But I stay here composing this with cheerful tears since I realize Brittany Stewart welcomed you at Heavens’ doors moving and pressing you with the best giant squeeze and kiss. You will be so all around dealt with by Beens. I love you so much, Courts. See you later my wonderful, gifted closest companion.”

While reporting the death of Courtney Sumpter, Annie Gross likewise said, “Courtney Sumpter the tears can’t quit streaming. I disdain that we didn’t get up to speed at this point. I’ll truly consistently recall the pleasant we had, you were a particularly excellent soul.

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