Austin Gamez Missing – Have you found Austin?

Austin Gamez Missing – Gamez was most recently seen by his family in the 400 square of Cambridge Station Way in Louisville, Kentucky on December 27, 2017. He was most recently seen in the organization of a female companion, Teressa McCoy; they were intending to go gander at a house that evening. Gamez has never been heard from again.

At 7:00 p.m. on December 27, the pair’s leased dark Yukon SUV, which Gamez had been driving, was found in the parking area of Bessler’s Auto Parts on Strawberry Lane. McCoy’s body was inside it, with the safety belt still on; she had been shot to no end not really settled to be a murder casualty. There was no indication of Gamez.

In December 2019, Larry Sauer was accused of two includes of homicide in McCoy’s demise and Gamez’s assumed passing. Examiners accept he killed the two of them at his home on Ottawa Avenue, unloaded McCoy’s body where it was subsequently found, and took Gamez’s body to an obscure area. Police observed a large portion of a pound of methamphetamine and some medication gear at Sauer’s home when they captured him. He is anticipating preliminary.

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