The Long-Term Benefits of Green Mining Technology


Mining has always been notorious for its reputation as an environmental polluter. However, several steps are being taken in the industry to deploy greener technologies and ensure energy efficiency. In fact, green mining technology is turning out to be a game changer now. It is changing the way we used to perceive mining to create a low-carbon economy. 

Over the years, we have seen the industry make good headways with technologies and tools such as hybrid underground vehicles that reduce the use of diesel and portable rigs that can be carried by locals to be more efficient. Many companies have also found environmentally friendly ways of extracting copper. In simple words, green mining technology is working out well to change the industry’s reputation from an environmental polluter to a sustainable energy efficient industry. 

In this article, we are looking at how green mining technology can prove beneficial in the long term. But before we do that, let’s learn a little more about the technology first. Keep reading. 

What is Green Mining Technology?

Green mining technology refers to the practice of combining technical advances and sustainable practices to extract minerals and metals while minimizing the environmental impact of the process. 

The mining cycle has several stages that depend on power consumption, water usage, and mine decommissioning. Green mining technology aims to reduce the environmental impact in a way that also does not affect the quantity of mined materials. Many countries, like China, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, etc., are already using green mining technology to discourage illegal and environmentally careless mining. 

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Some green mining practices and technologies include: 

  • Reduced chemical use
  • Biomining for copper extraction
  • Lower carbon cement binder for underground mines
  • Portable rigs for remote drilling
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases 
  • Automated ventilation systems and tunnel-boring systems

The Long-Term Benefits of Green Mining Technology

To understand the long-term benefits, we have taken the three common evils of mining and see how it gets impacted by green mining technology in both the short and long term. Let’s begin: 

  • Power Consumption: 

Just like any other industry, mining also uses a lot of power. And just like any industry, these requirements can be optimized to reduce power consumption. Green mining technology is working on this particular issue by creating automated technologies that improve energy efficiency. The margins are smaller at this moment, but in the future, a reduction in power costs could lead to profits and self-sufficiency for the mining companies. Not to forget, the environmental impacts are also reduced as a by-product.

  • Water Conservation

It is believed that the mining industry uses around 20 per cent of the world’s water supply. Green mining technology also has solutions for that. Earlier, miners would calculate their water requirements based on loose data, but now, green mining technology can improve the accuracy of this measurement, reducing water wastage. In addition, green mining practices such as mining from tailing and impermeable tailings storage can further reduce water pollution and wastage. 

  • Mining Decommissioning: 

Mining not only impacts when it is happening but also when it is closed. Decommissioned mines have significant environmental damage. However, now new green ideas are being encouraged to turn the mining area into a better place. For instance, in Canada, there is a move to plant energy crops on mining land after their rehabilitation using organic wastes. This land can also be then used to produce biofuels which contribute to power requirements. If such practices continue, mine won’t be a trouble anymore. 

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Some other long-term benefits of green mining technology are a reduction in carbon emission, higher productivity, maintenance reduction, and self-sufficiency in terms of energy. This way, green mining technologies seek to boost both the economic and environmental performance of the mining industry.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that green mining technology is getting advanced every year, but that’s not the only respite. It is the awareness of this technology that will bring positive results. 

Thankfully, several reputable companies are putting out enough content and services to ensure people understand how to use green mining technology for a sustainable future. So, read and get assistance whenever you can. After all, the future of our next generation and this planet is at stake.  



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