Ben Skardon Obituary – Has died!

Ben Skardon Obituary – Ben Skardon, 104, the most established overcomer of the Bataan Death March to stroll at yearly commemorations and a cherished Clemson University symbol, has passed on. His story contacted individuals the nation over and Skardon kept on strolling significant distances, including three miles across grounds recently, in memory of his kindred detainees of war who passed on.

Through everything, Skardon kept his confidence and his inspirational perspective, said Ken Scar, an essayist and picture taker for Clemson University’s advertising office who become friends with Skardon.

“He had this entire additional section toward the finish of his life,” Scar said. “He was a channel, a conductor to the past. He was recounting the narratives of his faithful comrades. He realized that he would do well to partake in this on the grounds that there were other people who weren’t as honored.”

Scar, an Army battle veteran, got to know Skardon in 2015 when he moved to Clemson and heard tales about more established veterans. They ventured out together to New Mexico for Bataan dedication strolls and hung out.

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