5 Things Nursing Students Must Know About the RN Job Market in NOLA

There is, and will continue to be, a national shortage of registered nurses with a BSN. Nursing is an excellent career option for those seeking a rewarding profession that also benefits society. You’ll have the opportunity to put your skills to practice by working with people from all walks of life. Applying for a nurse staffing agency in NOLA may buy you some time while you figure out the precise trajectory of your healthcare career.

1.The Nursing Shortage is National but May Not be Local

All of the figures that are thrown about are totals. This implies that they may fail in certain geographical areas. In Washington, DC, there are 1,728 RNs per 100,000 people, but in Nevada, there are just 605. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that competition for jobs in the District of Columbia is higher than in the state of Nevada.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you research opportunities outside of your first preferred location in nursing. It is important to obtain the relevant state license before applying for employment, therefore it is wise to investigate possible places and prepare for the licensing procedure in advance. To train a new grad RN, prospective employers are more likely to be ready to spend time and money in locations with the worst nursing shortages.

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2.The Nursing Shortage Considers All Nursing Professions not Just Acute Care Hospital Nurses

Second, all nursing subfields and careers are included in the shortage projections. Sixty-five percent to sixty-five-hundredths of the nursing workforce is employed in hospitals and similar facilities. Approximately 35%- 40% of RNs work in non-hospital settings. Care may be provided in a wide variety of places, such as hospitals, clinics, patients’ homes, and doctors’ offices.

That’s why it’s smart to consider your alternatives and see what else is out there. If you’re a nursing student looking for a fallback option, it’s important to explore your options thoroughly. It’s not the ideal employee, but it’ll teach you a lot and get you closer to your goal. Two years from now, you’ll be the one sending out resumes to hospitals that highlight your time spent there.

3.A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is Becoming a Minimum Requirement

Over the last five years, there has been a rising pattern of businesses desiring and/or needing BSN degrees in NOLA. Much controversy surrounds this development. Instead of debating whether or not this trend is legitimate, let’s focus on the facts. 

A study produced in 2010 by the Institute of Medicine and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation recommended that by 2020, 80% of the nursing workforce should have at least a bachelor’s degree. Qualification for AACN’s Magnet Status now includes a minimum requirement of nurse managers holding a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. 

Several states have discussed laws that would mandate Bachelor’s degrees for all new RNs within a 10-year time frame.

4.Your Clinical Rotations Might Be Your Best Chance of Being Hired.

Clinical rotations are required coursework for all nursing degrees. While the specifics of how they are organized vary from school to school, all of them consist of students studying and working under the supervision of a preceptor in a professional context. We recommend using every spare second to make connections in NOLA that might lead to a job offer.

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Keep in mind that your performance on the job throughout rotations will be assessed. You’re not only being evaluated; you’re being scouted as well. Therefore, even if you don’t really care for the subject matter you’re working on, you should always put out your best effort.

5.You Need to Start Networking Immediately in the Professional World

Beginning while still in nursing school in NOLA has several benefits. The first advantage is that you are always surrounded by people who may become valuable business contacts. You should see your fellow students, teachers, practicum supervisors, and anybody else involved in your education as prospective contacts. 

You should make use of all the courses and academic organizations available to you in order to expand your network. You won’t be desperate for work; rather, you’ll be seeking guidance on your professional path or resources to assist you further your education.

Start Your Nursing Career with a Nurse Staffing Agency in NOLA

You may be wondering, “Should I go to nursing school?” One of the most difficult and satisfying jobs is being a nurse. There’s a variety of places to put your skills to use, and many chances to network with like-minded people. As a recent college student, it’s important to be flexible in your job search in order to broaden your horizons and increase your chances of success. You may choose your ideal job path with the help of a nurse staffing agency in NOLA, which can then equip you with the tools you need to succeed.

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