What Are Telehandler Forklifts Typically Used For?

Have you ever seen a telehandler forklift out in the field or on-site? Of course, they’re quite helpful for lifting and moving materials, but what are telehandlers used for? 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why these specialized pieces of equipment have become popular among construction professionals and what tasks they can typically accomplish. 

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What Is A Telehandler Forklift?

A telehandler forklift is a versatile piece of machinery that can be used across several industries. Many people in construction or landscaping will recognize the familiar tall, slim tower shape and large bucket-style tines attached to a boom on top. These forklifts are designed to lift and move materials around a worksite quickly and safely, with the boom allowing for precision placement and control of whatever’s being lifted.

Compared to other types of forklifts, a telehandler’s telescopic boom makes it unique, allowing for much more range in how much it can lift, how far from the machine it can reach, and its precise manipulation of what’s being lifted. The advantages of having this range and control over your load make them perfect for agriculture jobs as well – such as loading trucks or positioning hay bales in barns – but they’ve also been adapted to suit many commercial uses like roofing and other maintenance tasks that require getting higher than the ground floor. Here are some of a telehandler’s most common uses.

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Material Handling

They’re the ultimate workhorses for heavy lifting. With impressive maneuverability and a compact frame, these machines can access even tight spaces where traditional forklifts cannot. They’re perfect for getting those difficult loads up to rooftops or onto flatbeds efficiently – so whether you need logistic support on a farm or in distribution centers, warehouses, and other job sites, used telehandlers for sale near me have you covered.

Elevated Positioning

Telehandlers are great for construction sites and repairs alike. Their telescopic booms reach far, making it easy to get personnel far above the ground without needing a lot of labor or energy. Plus, their work platforms can hold up to 1000 pounds – ideal for carrying tools and materials.

They allow you to easily position workers in various situations, indoors or outdoors, around obstacles. Maintenance jobs like changing light fixtures and cleaning walls/ceilings prove essential on many different job types where height may be required.

Snow Removal

With a telehandler, winter doesn’t have to slow down your productivity. This versatile machinery is equipped with attachments that can quickly and efficiently clear away snowy debris – whether you’re looking for snow buckets, pushers, or plows.

Recycling & Sanitation

Lastly, telehandlers are the go-to solution for waste and recycling removal. Their fuel efficiency is unbeatable, with blades for pushing, buckets for carrying, hooks for towing, and grapples for grabbing. They’re also easy to learn – reducing operating costs & training requirements.

Invest In Used Telehandlers For Sale Near Me

Telehandler forklifts are great machines for many tasks. Whether you’re a small business owner who needs to move heavy items or a large warehouse needing assistance with numerous projects, telehandlers are the perfect tool–and there are many options available.

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With plenty of configurations and additional attachments depending on your needs, these machines can tackle almost any job imaginable. Investing in one will pay dividends over time as it offers incredible versatility and convenience without sacrificing safety and productivity. So if you’re looking for a dependable solution to loan-duty work, consider investing in used telehandlers for sale near me.

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