Tristyn bailey obituary – Cause of death!

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Tristyn bailey obituary: A 14-year-old Florida kid has been captured in the passing of a classmate who had been the subject of a serious pursuit after she vanished in the early long periods of Sunday.

Tristyn Bailey. (Family photograph through St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office)

Tristyn Bailey, 13, was accounted for missing by her family around 10 a.m. Sunday. An alarm from the sheriff’s office in St. John’s County said she had last been seen around 1 a.m. close to an entertainment community in Durbin Crossing, a development of huge homes on circular drives in a lush region south of Jacksonville.

Night-time of looking by police officers and neighbors — Sheriff Robert Hardwick discussed “families strolling the wood line wearing church garments” — an inhabitant of the space called 911 around 6 p.m. to report discovering a body in the forested areas close to his home.

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