Spencer Stephens Car Accident – Cause of death!

Spencer Stephens Car Accident: The entertainer who played Damien Thorn during the 1970s thriller punched two cyclists in a street rage assault and has been given a suspended jail sentence – on Friday the thirteenth.

Harvey Spencer Stephens, 46, lashed out at two riders and harmed one of their cycling head protectors subsequent to escaping his vehicle after a debate, a court heard. He conceded to two tallies of ABH (real substantial mischief) and one of causing criminal harm following the assault on Toys Hill, Westerham, Kent, on 21 August a year ago.

Maidstone crown court heard that father-of-two Stephens was “humiliated and irate” when he defied the cyclists, thumping one of them oblivious in the wake of driving up behind them.

Investigator Kieran Brand said Stephens more than once utilized his horn when riders Mark Richardson and Alex Manley, who were out cycling independently, were one next to the other out and about as one surpassed the other. Richardson reacted by flicking his center finger at Stephens, who at that point quickened intensely prior to overwhelming the pair and pulling over.

Brand said Stephens punched Richardson, thumping him oblivious, which provoked Manley to intercede. Stephens reacted by asking Manley: “You need some isn’t that right?” prior to punching him twice in the face, making him fall on his back with his bike still between his legs.

Harvey Spencer Stephens as a kid

Stephens featured as villain kid Damien Thorn in the Oscar-winning 1976 clique blood and gore movie The Omen, close by Gregory Peck and Lee Remick. Photo: Ronald Grant Archive

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Stephens held Manley down and punched him six or multiple times, exacting dental wounds and harming his protective cap, Brand said.

Brand added: “He depicted the respondent as being in a total anger and being messed up with regards to what had happened in advance.”

Richardson was taken to emergency clinic with expanding to his lip and a wrecked tooth root, the court was told.

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