Robert Rabon Obituary – Cause of death!

Robert Rabon Obituary: Robert Rabon, a Horry County Republican light, network worker and money manager, died on Friday. He was 70. While nobody individual merits all the credit for Horry County turning into a Republican fortification for South Carolina, Rabon’s name poses a potential threat on the rundown of pioneers who turned the Myrtle Beach territory red.

A whole article could be loaded up with the different jobs Rabon served all through Horry County both for the Republican Party and through network administration.

In 2008, he brought Myrtle Beach global consideration by assuming an enormous part in the CNN Presidential discussion being held that year in the city.

Significantly more words could be expounded on Rabon’s effect on the Horry County lawmakers, activists and inhabitants he contacted during his long term profession of metro administration.

“Robert was the image of an ideal network pioneer. He generally put others before himself,” U.S. Rep. Tom Rice said. “At the point when the Republican Party would be in strife, he was consistently there to steer, quiet it down and keep us moving.”

Rabon turned into a protection representative in 1976 preceding building up the Rabon Housing Center in 1979, as per the South Carolina council’s site. That very year, he was first chosen onto Horry County Council.

When current Councilmember Paul Prince was chosen for committee in the mid 1980s, Rabon was no longer in office. Despite the fact that they didn’t serve together on committee, Prince said Rabon was the sort of man who could unite individuals and served others.

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