Promotion on Instagram in 2022: the hacks you need to know to quickly become popular

There is nothing better than free tools that can help to boost a page on social media, find an audience and start making money off the content you post, right? Well, not quite so – the truth is, free promotional methods are almost not working today, because they don’t give nearly as good of a result as the paid tools can. Surely, you can still try to spend time following other people and hoping to get follow backs, but you’re going to probably only waste time and gain around several dozen viewers, whilst if you’d be bold enough to try paid methods your page’s growth would astonish you. 

Though free promotional methods don’t work, there are still hacks that you can use – some of them are unpaid, some paid – which can sufficiently boost your profile. In this article we’re going to review several of them and create a wholesome development strategy. It will start from using an opportunity to buy Instagram followers cheaply but with great results and will end with filming reels and working with bloggers. If you’re interested in learning new for efficient social media promotion, keep on reading!

Why is it best to start with purchasing subscribers? 

It might not be that obvious, but it is the smartest to start with purchasing viewers for your page, if right now it has none of them. For sure, you can try to gather your first hundreds of subs yourself, but it almost surely will take you weeks and months to do that. And why spend time, if you can rely on a paid service that is going to bring you excellent results?

If you decide to purchase viewers, you have to keep in mind several important things: 

  • Do it on a trustworthy website that doesn’t require any of your data rather than the name of your profile and your email. Anything more than that is suspicious and can lead to your data leaking and you losing your money over nothing. 
  • You should keep in mind that for decent results you need to buy real Instagram followers, who are actual people with filled pages and who are signing in this social net daily. Only they are able to show a positive impact on your page and improve the statistics. If you’d take on fakes, this will lead you into a situation where your posts won’t be shown to real people as recommended anymore, because Insta will shadow ban your account for way too many interactions with “dead” pages. 
  • Don’t chase the quantity, think about quality and suitability for your page. If you have no subs right now, you should purchase thousands of subs in one pack – this is going to look fake and won’t help you to build up any trust. And you should take care of it from the very beginning: your reputation as a blogger should be stable and positive. 
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What else can you do? 

As we have mentioned in the beginning, there are still free tools that you can use to sufficiently boost your page’s content. One of them (and the main one of them) is regularly filming reels and making them appealing for the wide masses. Well, at least at first, when you’re trying to gain any audience at all – and then you can specialize your content slowly and make it more suited to the specific audience that you want to have (people who will actually be interested in buying something from you, if that’s your aim). 

How to film a reel that is going to boost your page? 

Well, you can learn from people who have already reached success in it. Analyze their video clips and try to note the check points: what about the plot of the video, are they following any latest trends, what about the color correction, the music, the text that’s present in the video, are they making it longer or shorter, what else is on the list? You should be looking through the videos of people from your field, for sure, don’t just randomly scroll through reels. Go to pages of people whom you personally like in your sphere and pull out a notebook to keep a track of your thoughts while you’re going through their content. Then you can go through your notes and organize them to form a blueprint for your own filming ideas. 

What else can you do to max out results? 

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We won’t go in detail about each of those methods, we’re just going to shortly list them and give you a general idea on what you can do with your page. 

  • Learn how to use hashtags correctly. Once again, don’t chase the quantity, try to make them more qualitative and highly specific.
  • Use the geotags and make them “useful” too: choose locations that people from your place can use to monitor other content and put them in every post that you want to be seen by a wider circle of people. 
  • Work with bloggers. This method doesn’t need explanation: buy PRs, do mutual free PRs, do collabs, post joined reels and IGTVs. All of that will help tremendously. 

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