Priscilla Castro Missing

Priscilla Castro Missing: Vacaville police say they captured manslaughter speculate connected to a missing Vallejo lady in Santa Clara Friday morning. On August 18 Vacaville cops were called to the 100 square of Bush Street on the report of a surrendered vehicle.

The vehicle had a place with Priscilla Castro, 32, of Vallejo. The lady was accounted for missing to the Oakland Police Department only hours sooner, police said. Her family had been not able to contact her for two days and there was no ongoing movement on her online media accounts, authorities said.

Photograph of Priscilla Castro politeness Vacaville Police Department.

Examiners learned Castro went to Vacaville on August 16 for a “prearranged date” with Victor Serriteno, 28, of Vacaville. On September 2, utilizing mobile phone records and examination programming, investigators led a matrix search in a distant region of Solano County close to Lake Berryessa. There, police said they found the remaining parts of a consumed body. On September 10, after further examination, agents affirmed the remaining parts were that of Castro’s.

The passing was administered a crime by Solano County Coroner’s Office, however, police said the specific reason for death stays under scrutiny. City camera film, a few meetings and phone records helped analysts make the capture in Santa Clara. Vacaville police expressed gratitude toward Solano County Sheriff’s Office for their help with this case.

Sereno was set up for Solano County Jail on a no-bail warrant for manslaughter.

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