Jessica Gutierrez Missing – Was Jessica Gutierrez ever found?

Jessica Gutierrez Missing – What might be said about North Carolina? Besides, Thomas Eric is the homicide suspect in the passing of Jessica Gutierrez, a 4-year-old young lady. Moving along, we should plunge into this present article’s virus case. The web gives a stage to us to investigate different cases and news. Also, the present web features have been overwhelmed by the name Thomas Eric, who has been kept on doubt of seizing and killing a youngster in Lexington County over thirty years prior.

Jessica Gutierrez’s virus case has moved toward carrying equity to the person in question and her family, and Thomas Eric has been one of the most looked through subjects on the present news channel.

Who Is Thomas Eric McDowell-North Carolina?

Thomas Eric McDowell is 61 years of age man who has been accused of homicide, grabbing and first-degree thievery in association with the missing and passing of 4-year-old Jessica Gutierrez in June 1986, according to capture warrants. Besides, her family accepted that a dear companion might have kidnapped her. Notwithstanding this, the case stays strange.

Besides, Debra Gutierrez, mother of Jessica, recently let The State know that she had thought about a few distinctive likely suspects as the years progressed.

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