David Marques-Domingos Obituary – Cause of death!

David Marques-Domingos Obituary: David Marques-Domingos, at the solem age of 18, a cherished and deified child, grandson and outlandish sibling – an angel who’s grin arrived at all hearts and whose soul skilled every one of the individuals who crossed his way – has acquired his wings and was invited into the arms of the sacred dad. David is made due by his folks, Cina and Derek, his more youthful sister, Olivia, his grandparents Avó Lucinda, Avô Manuel and Avó Ilda, his uncles, Tios Gil,Tap and Kevin, his aunties Tias Carla and Lourdes and cousin Daniel, Cassandra, imprint and Max, joining his Avô Santos in paradise.

The kindest of spirits, the best of hearts, the hottest of grins and a magnanimous dedication to his loved ones – he is everybody’s kid, sibling, nephew and companion.

Passionate Willowdale Blackhawks hockey partner, wicked sueca player and only darling recollections of numerous family get-aways to Quebec, Portugal, Brazil, California, the rockies… Although David partook in many school sports groups (soccer, volleyball, badminton, ball, extreme frisbee… ) he generally appeared “Free like a flying creature” and most joyful at whatever point he was on the ice playing his number one game with his companions. David was the family IT “master” whose enthusiasm for PCs drove him to seek after a college degree in Computer science. Drives in the Benz, late evenings with companions, private minutes with Olivia – nothing will actually supplant the presence of our energetic David.

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