Benjamin George Death – Obituary – Cause of death!

Benjamin George Death: An Adelaide man who slaughtered another driver during a limit scene of over the top anger will go through at any rate 20 years in jail. Benjamin Joshua George confessed to kill recently

The court heard his casualty, Troy McLean kicked the bucket in the wake of being wounded

George will go through at any rate 20 years in jail Benjamin Joshua George, 27, confessed recently to killing 34-year-old Troy James McLean at Salisbury in 2017. The Supreme Court recently heard Mr McLean coincidentally bumped the rear of George’s Car.

George at that point escaped his vehicle and cut Mr McLean twice.

In condemning, Justice David Lovell said George’s culpable was not on the lower end of the scale as he left the scene “not caring that he had cut somebody”.

During past hearings, the Adelaide Magistrates Court was told the two men were driving in independent vehicles along Waterloo Corner Road on Saturday, November 25, 2017.

A fight occurred at the Salisbury Highway convergence about 10:40

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