How to Navigate York Station

Are you heading into England via the York Station any time soon? I’ve always liked being prepared for my traveling experiences ahead of time, so hopefully, this article will help you out, especially if you’re like me! If you don’t know anything about York Station, you’re about to know a lot more.

Get ready to learn how to navigate York station in the best possible way, from where you can find a map to what to know about the bathrooms, from what the station looks like from the inside to where you can find luggage storage in York station as well as around the city.

What Does York Station Look Like?

If you haven’t seen the images of York Station online, then you have no idea what the station looks like from the inside or the outside. Honestly, being inside of York Station for the first time, especially if you’re not prepared for the way it’s going to look, can be quite discombobulating.

From the inside, York Station looks like the bones of a large and rounded tunnel, like some of the overpasses you’ll occasionally drive underneath in some major United States cities. The station is also quite wide, keeping lots of space between the rail lines heading in different directions. 

That means that if you enter the station on the wrong side, you’d better not be running too late on your time. I’d advise getting to the station early, just to avoid any mishaps.

From the outside, the station is a beige building that overlooks the street. You’ll see lots of crenellation crowning the top of the building, which looks quite short given the size of the station you’re about to enter or have just exited.

Do I Need Luggage Storage in York Station?

This depends on your goals for exploring the city, as well as how long you’ll plan on staying. Generally, luggage storage in York is pretty inexpensive. However, it should be noted that luggage storage in York Station is only offered by third-party companies and not by the station itself.

I would advise reserving some luggage storage in York, either in the station or nearby, if you’re not planning on staying long enough to book a hotel room or other accommodations. This is mostly because your luggage could get in the way while you’re walking and exploring the city.

However, if you’re only going to get connecting transportation from York Station, this likely won’t be necessary.

Where Can I Find a Map of York Station?

There are maps of York Station available online, and they’re even color-coded in most cases! 

Additionally, there’s an interactive map available on Street Check, as well as some stands with the color-coded map dotted around the station itself. 

Luckily, some of these maps are also friendly enough for those who have a difficult time seeing, and these can include raised symbols and braille writing for those who need them.

However, paper maps are a little harder to find unless you’ve purchased or printed one out ahead of your trip.

I would strongly recommend doing what you need in this situation. I am a little geographically challenged, so I would go so far as to prepare a paper map for my own use before taking off on my trip. But do what is best for you and your personal needs. If all you need is a screenshot of the map, or if you’re confident enough to not need a map at all, do as you see fit.

How do I Find the Restrooms in York Station?

Interestingly enough, the restrooms in York Station are separated from each other, meaning the male and female restrooms are not always located next to each other. And sometimes, male and female restrooms are on opposite sides of the station. 

Further, there aren’t necessarily going to be accessible restrooms at every single location. So if you need extra space or accommodations, this can get a little trickier than you might expect. 

If you’re going to be traveling via York Station as a person who needs these extra accommodations, I would strongly advise learning as much of the map as you possibly can before you leave for your trip.

Try to examine the map to determine where your commute gets off or on, and figure out general directions to bathrooms, retail areas, and information desks so you can have access to as much information as you will need.


Navigating York Station can be a little bit tricky, especially if you know that you will need extra information to get around smoothly and with the least stressors possible.

However, with a little bit of extra preparation, including getting ready for how you best navigate and knowing that there will be luggage storage available, your trip can go pretty smoothly. Good luck with your adventures!

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