How to start off an essay?


Choosing a theme

Many authors face the problem of choosing a topic for an essay. It is necessary to choose from a variety of questions that are interesting to the writer. An effective way to solve such a problem is to search for amazing facts, phenomena, patterns in ordinary things or events. When I struggled with essay topic selection I decided to write my paper for me on WritingAPaper online. When the topic of the essay is formulated, it is important to write down the title so as not to forget it. The author is not limited in choosing the subject of the work, which may reflect his interests, life position, fears, or dreams. Common topics:

You can choose an event as a topic. This is a relatively simple task since something is constantly happening around a person. If you write about an event that happened recently, it is easy to describe its details without missing important details.

Often the authors consider some situations and use the “detachment” technique, that is, they analyze familiar things from a new angle.

Remembering his impressions received in the past, the writer manages to discover important and interesting topics for himself.

Experiences are internal events that are much deeper than other impressions. Understanding experiences allows you to immerse yourself in the topic and reflect on important personal issues.

In search of a topic for an essay, authors often pay attention to people, events that have happened to them, their impressions and experiences. In this case, it will be useful for the writer to personally communicate with the future heroes of the work. The subject of the essay can be based on any subject. An interesting solution is a new look at familiar things.


There are no specific requirements for the structure of the essay. To simplify working with the material and structuring the information, you can follow the standard rules: thoughts on the topic of the essay are presented in the form of brief theses; each thought is accompanied by evidence, that is, after the thesis, the author gives arguments.

Arguments can be presented in the form of facts, phenomena of public life, events, life situations and experiences, scientific evidence, references to the opinions of scientists. It is advisable to use two arguments for each thesis, since less evidence is not convincing, and more violates the principles of essay writing such as brevity and imagery.

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Theses and arguments are determined by the theme, the plan of the work, the logic of the development of thought. The work is performed according to the ring structure, corresponds to the algorithm:


Thesis and evidence.

Thesis and evidence.

Thesis and evidence.


The number of thoughts and arguments may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the work. The main aspects to consider when writing an essay:

  • in the introduction and conclusion, the author needs to focus the reader’s attention on the topic;
  • the introduction presupposes the statement of the question, and in the conclusion, the writer summarizes his own opinion;
  • when making an essay, it is necessary to highlight paragraphs, red lines, and establish logical connections for the work to look complete;
  • the style of presentation can be emotional, expressive, artistic.

Before you start writing work, you should ask yourself about the content of the essay. For example, you can prepare short answers to one or more questions:

How am I different from other people?

Why am I doing my job?

Why did I remember this event?

How did the event affect my personality?

Why am I interested in this person?

What did I learn from this situation?

The effective formulation of thoughts, the use of short, simple, diverse sentences in intonation will help to interest the reader. The style reflects the personality of the author.


There are no restrictions on the volume of the essay. If the author writes pieces in the process of studying in an educational institution, then usually the text comes out in several thousand characters. Journalism is characterized by smaller volumes.

The essay should be of such size that the author can fully express his thoughts. But at the same time, we should talk about the most important thing so that the reader does not get bored while getting acquainted with the text.

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Literature presupposes complete freedom of the writer, so an essay, in this case, may consist of a single phrase or serve as material for an entire book. The author is limited to a specific topic and problem, which mainly determines the volume of the work.

Template phrases and clichés

There are common phrases that are often used when writing an essay. Such cliches are universal in application, allowing you to express the author’s thoughts as competently and clearly as possible. 

Templates for the introductory part:

the author of the statement means that…;

the author of the quote raises such a question as …;

this topic is relevant for the reason …;

nowadays one can often observe …;

in my life I have repeatedly encountered a problem …;

the problem is relevant not only for me personally but also for the whole world;

this statement suggests the idea …;

I strongly disagree with the opinion …

In the main part, the author, as a rule, reveals the topic using terms and definitions. Real-life examples, experiences, and practices are often described. To present information and reasoning, writers resort to using the following phrases:

considering the problem in theory …;

the theoretical reasoning of the problem consists in …;

the issue should be considered from different sides …;

it is possible to prove the statement with the help of examples …;

having considered the question, based on personal experience, I concluded …;

in confirmation of my point of view, we turn to …;

as evidence, we use vivid examples from history …;

in our life, you can find many examples …

In conclusion, the author restates the problem and presents a conclusion on the topic of the essay. It is necessary to avoid exact copying of the wording of the question, which was given in the introduction. Several popular cliches will help to effectively summarize:

from the above, we can conclude …;

thus …;

in conclusion, I would like to note …;

summing up the general feature, we can say …;

based on the above, it can be argued that …

Errors when writing

This genre does not assume the multiple-choice format (when writing an essay, several answer options are not offered to choose from). The performance of the work is not limited by a time frame. 

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It is allowed to rewrite the text to correct defects and corrections. An effective solution is a trial reading with friends or relatives for a preliminary evaluation of the work. A responsible approach to writing is the key to the success of the essay. However, the authors often make the following mistakes:

  • neglect to check the text for literacy, absence of ambiguous expressions, unsuccessful formulations, and similar shortcomings;
  • insufficient number of details, tedious introduction, enumeration of theses without argumentation;
  • ideas that are unrelated to the topic, repetition of the same thoughts, a lot of words that distract the reader’s attention from the main question;
  • using phrases that are too long and complex;
  • incorrect use of terms.

The essay must be written in a language accessible to a wide audience. Competent presentation of information will help to better convey the author’s thoughts, convey the main idea to the reader. 

Checking for errors will not take much time, it will allow you to identify and correct shortcomings, which will have a positive effect on the result of work.

An essay is a great way to train structured thinking. This valuable quality will be useful in the professional activity of any modern specialist. Creative people with the help of practice in a popular genre learn to control the flow of consciousness and develop imagination. The main thing when writing an essay is to formulate an idea and argue it qualitatively, which will be useful to a person in work, study, and personal life. Competent and constructive formulation of thoughts is an important communication skill with which the author interacts with the interlocutor.

Students are often asked to write an essay. With a busy study or work schedule, it is not easy to complete such a task. But you can always ask for help in the best research paper writing service online. Competent specialists will help you complete tasks of any complexity, using a wealth of experience, a high level of professionalism, and an individual approach to each client.


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