Things to Check before applying for Travel Nurse Application Process


As a travel nurse, you’ll be able to help people while making an excellent livelihood. Choosing this career path is a smart move on your part. Working as a travel nurse may sound glamorous and one of the great career paths for paramedics. Cross-check your answers to these questions with your own to see if you’re ready for travel nurse assignments.

One of the perks of becoming a nurse is that you can choose from a variety of different career paths. A major decision you must make is whether or not to pursue travel nursing or a long-term career in a hospital. 

What Are Your Professional Goals?

For many people, a new career is a way to earn more money. Travel nursing is the job you want, paying way more than regular nursing. This type of nursing work necessitates an in-depth examination of all pay-related factors.

For example, travel nurses earn 20–30% more than general paramedics. In addition, you will get 15–20 percent of your payment to cover the cost of the traveling.  Moreover, your travel nurse assignments will only pay you enough housing allowance to be able to stay in the suburbs. In areas where housing is more expensive, you will be allowed an appreciable raise to compensate for the same.

It’s also a goal to grow in nursing and eventually take over a more significant role. Another goal is the opportunity to learn new skills. Working in the same hospital system over and again removes you from the vast experience you can gather as a travel nurse. And, hence travel nursing makes accomplishing these objectives much more effortless.

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Do you enjoy shifting workplaces?

Travel nursing assignments often last between five to six months. However, you may be eligible to request an extension of your assignment if you desire. Hence, you should be a person who loves to travel and take over new nursing assignments and shift workspaces based on new assignments.

If you’re new to the job, you might feel a bit dizzy initially, but if you love traveling, you will eventually fall for your job. You might start getting a lot of offers from different organizations asking for you to join them. To put oneself in the driver’s seat when securing a long-term position, don’t hesitate to compare multiple offers from different hospitals and interview with ease.

Are you going to need a new license?

You might be doing additional work as a travel nurse even if you have worked hard for your credentials. This is the case even if you are licensed to practice nursing in another state. You can now operate in 29 states with a compact license, but if you work in a state that is not a party to the agreement, you may need to apply for another permit. To keep your license in any state where you apply, you’ll need to be prepared to complete all the required continuing education and training hours.

Do You Enjoy Your Current Employer?

It’s easy to be swayed by the idea of travel nursing if you can picture yourself visiting a new city every few months. However, you may want to consider how much your current employer is paying you for the assignments and how well you have compensated for your two to six months’ settlement in a particular place.

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You’re usually suitable if you think you’re capable of more than you currently are. It’s possible to grow emotionally and professionally in ways you hadn’t previously considered while working as a travel nurse.


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