Something Fascinating Happens After Using this Indoor Cycling App

Cycling App

People around the world are being swiped off their feet by this new Indoor cycling app. It is called Vingo, and it is a virtual work-out app that brings the outdoors to you as you exercise indoors. The app is loaded with a lot of cool features, all designed to take the boredom out of exercises and give you a fresh start in the morning. If you are new to this phenomenon, here’s how it works.

Create a Free Account on Vingo Today

You can install the Vingo app on your iPhone, iPad, or any of your smart devices. The app is available for download in the App Store. Once you install it, you can then create your own free account in it. With this account you can add up to eight people and all of you can create your own profile inside it. you can customise your profiles, add your social media accounts to it and a lot more. Many people use their accounts to invite their family or friends to join them in the virtual world. With 8 profiles, the cost of the app comes to less than $2 per month per profile.

Connect the App with Your Exercise Bike Using In-Built Sensor

Once you create your account and your profile, you can then proceed to connect the app with your training bike. You can do so using the app’s in-built ANT+ sensors. The sensors allow for multiple Bluetooth devices to be connected with your smart device. Hence, you can connect your phone with the bike and your ear pods with your phone, all simultaneously. Now, you are all set to begin your Indoor cycling adventures.

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For Old Bikes You Can Use ANT+ Sensors to Connect the App

If you are using an old training bike though, you don’t have to worry about not being able to connect your phone with the bike. You can always enter your speed and other measurements manually in the app and the ANT+ sensors will use that data to help you exercise. After you are connected into the app, you can get into the virtual world.

Enter the Virtual World of Vingo

The Vingo app consists of a lot of virtual maps, all designed from real locations around the world. This means you will be going on Online cycling trips to some of the famous tourist spots right from your home. Also, you will find a lot of people sharing your location beside you. You can interact with them through the voice chat feature that comes with the app.

Workout with Confidence & Fun

You can also invite your friends and family into the app and exercise as a group. This will help improve your confidence and it will be double the fun. Some people also use Vingo for online running. They use their treadmills instead of their training bikes. Most of them have agreed that Vingo is by far the best app for running available in the market right now. Get into the exciting world for exercises.

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