Quicker and Smarter Methods for Cleaning your Home

Cleaning your Home

It is simple to picture and prepare for a thorough cleaning of your entire home. When it’s time to actually put your ideas into practice, that’s when things get difficult.

The biggest reason for this is that most people have no idea where to start or whether to have a strategy or just dive in. Fear that you won’t have enough energy for this physically demanding endeavor is another challenge.

It is essential to divide a project of this sort into smaller, more manageable portions before beginning.

Tips to make the process more efficient

In the end, it will even be more challenging to clean your house if you have no idea how to clean it efficiently. Here are some tips to make the process more efficient.

  1. Get rid of your clutter

The first tip to get your house in order is to get rid of all the clutter you have accumulated. It might take you longer to remove all the items scattered around your space, but it will be worthwhile.

Removing all of these things will also make it easier and faster to clean your space. When decluttering, also remember to wipe down the appliances that were in contact with or adjacent to the pieces you have just decluttered.

  1. Clean in a pattern

Don’t waste your time jumping from one end of the house to the other. The best way to clean up after playing online poker on Uptown Pokies is to begin from one room to the other. Even when cleaning each room, start from the top downwards.

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It will also be more effective to work from one end of the room towards the other, ideally left to right. This method works because you’ll be able to filter dust from your walls onto the floor. You can then vacuum once done.

Have a garbage bag with you as you clean every room. It allows you to reduce your waste as you go, meaning you won’t have too much to do when wrapping everything up.

  1. Have your cleaning supplies in a tote

Almost all professional cleaners providing cleaning services to their clients have totes that come in handy when cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

Get a plastic tote where you can keep your cleaning cloths, cleaners, and other items You use when cleaning. Doing so will make it easier for you to clean dirty surfaces outside the weekly or monthly general cleaning.

Keep the tote out of children’s reach in higher cabinet spaces. Cleaning in between when you notice a stain on the countertop or a dusty switch plate is essential. It helps you maintain a clean space more easily.

It will also reduce your workload during general cleaning.

Deep cleaning guide

  1. The kitchen area
  2. Begin with the big surfaces

While deep cleaning, it is advisable to start with large surfaces in the kitchen, such as your cabinets and refrigerator. They can be cleaned using a soft rag and an all-purpose cleaning spray.

This is also the ideal time to discard any remaining old or expired condiments. Additionally, remove everything else from your cabinets. After wiping each drawer and you can put them back.

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Professional services can help you get your kitchen back in order if it has been a long time since you cleaned.

  1. Thoroughly clean your counters

Clean your counters using regular dish soap and some warm water. You can, however, create your own cleaning solution for surfaces like the linoleum tops that tend to stain pretty easily. Still, scrubbing with warm water and some baking soda should do the job.

If there are grease marks on the counters, vinegar works. First, use your sponge and warm water to swipe at the grease. Follow that up with white vinegar, then finish with warm water mixed in with dish soap.

  1. Living room area
  2. Wash and then dust

Begin by taking off and cleaning the slipcovers on your couches. Your curtains, blankets, pillowcases, and other detachable materials also fall under this. When these are done, you can start dusting your living space.

  1. Clean your furniture

Cleaning your accessories and furniture comes next because they require as much care as your floors. Use specialized cleaners to wipe them, and then use an old rug to dust them.

A slightly dampened microfiber can be used to clean leather seats. Make sure you pay attention to each item because objects like books and vases have a tendency to gather a lot of dust. These can be cleaned using a dry, old sock or cloth.

  1. Bathroom area
  2. Cleaning the toilet

Use nothing but the supplies you currently have to clean your toilet. Remove the toilet seat and use baking soda paste to target certain spots.

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Use your toilet cleaner within the basin while the baking soda is doing its job, then wait for it to take full effect before rinsing everything. Start cleaning the rest of your bathroom in the meanwhile.

  1. Cleaning the shower

Start by cleaning the outside of the shower before moving inside. Shower curtains and liners should be taken off and placed in the laundry. If your doors are made of glass, use a squeegee.

Use a combination of white vinegar and ordinary dish soap for the floor, walls, and tub. Rinse with water for sparkly clean tiles.


Once your home is immaculate, you will be very pleased. It will also be airier, and you will have a better time relaxing after a tiring workday.


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