How to choose a VPS server for the USA?

VPS server

The USA has one of the world’s highest website hosting service markets. Statistics show that in 2021, the market stood at 84 billion USD, with experts predicting its growth to 267 billion USD by 2028.

A significant part of that market is occupied by virtual private servers (VPS) because it provides better quality, more reliability, and higher security than shared hosting services.

Choosing a VPS USA server is not a difficult task, provided you know what you need. It requires looking at many aspects and comparing different providers. You must know your requirements from your VPS. For example, when you can use it, its location, whether the provider has available customer support, etc.

This article will guide you through choosing a VPS server in the USA that meets all your requirements and allows you to start working with it immediately.

Know your requirements 

You should know what you need from your VPS server. You must consider the essential features for you, your business, and your website. For example: will you host single or several websites on a VPS? How much traffic do you expect in a month? 

On average, internet users in the USA visit over 130 websites daily but have a short attention span. However, you can use VPS hosting to increase your website’s speed by ensuring a high server speed, efficient design, and configuration.

Check the delivery time and locations 

Setting up a new server takes time, and sometimes it can take days. The time it takes to deliver your VPS will depend on your location and what kind of hardware you have ordered. 

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When buying from a USA-based provider, always check the delivery times and in which locations they have servers. According to a study, the USA has more than 2,000 virtual private servers across cities, with Los Angeles, West Coast, and Eastern United States as the preferred locations for VPS hosting. 

Customer service

When choosing a VPS server, customer service is a vital factor. This is because the difference between a good and bad company can often be seen in how they treat their customers. 

A good company will take care of any issues you’re having right away, while a bad one will only be able to help you. So it’s time for you to find another solution if you have any problems with your  VPS server and can’t get help from the provider.

Does it support Forex software?

A study found that about 58% of adults in the USA trade in Forex, or the stock market. If you are one of them, it is crucial to purchase a VPS that supports Forex platforms, enables you to complete Forex transactions quickly, and ensures you receive high-speed connectivity while carrying out your transactions.

Storage space 

You should check the available storage space on the VPN and go with those between 50 to 200 GB storage or 1 to 4GB RAM. That is the minimum storage space required to ensure your site runs without delay or lag. However, the storage space is directly related to the cost, and the more storage you have, the costlier it will be.

Points like the ones mentioned above will help you choose a VPS USA hosting service. From the location and storage space to administration access, there are many features that a good virtual private hosting service should have. 

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