Swimel Reviews! Is Swimel Com Website Legit or Scam?

Do you know about swimel online store?

Is it scam? Read the reviews!

If you are searching for some source to know the reality behind swimel.com, you have come to the right site. After reading this article, you will be able to decide whether you should buy something through swimel.com or not.

What is swimel.com?

swimel.com is an online shopping site where you can find a huge stock of above ground pool sets, easy sets, metal frames, prism frames and ultra frames. But, do you think this website is real? The images of the items are so attractive that nobody can resist to purchase anything through swimel.com.

but, is it really legit? Read on this article!

Fake Office Address

The office address provided in the contact us page of swimel.com is nothing but a fake address. If you copy that address and paste in google maps, you will find just a house at that location. How can a house be the office address of such a huge online shopping store? Think about it!

Fake Social Media Icons

The social media icons used at the bottom of the home page of swimel.com website are all scam. The facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube icons of swimel.com do not work well to prove the identity of this website. this is a very common trick used by the scammers to dodge the people. must think about it.

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Hidden Email Address

Whois.com tells that swimel.com has not shown its real email address. It has kept its email address secret in the guise of privacyguardian. What will be the reason behind hiding the real email address? Usually scammers keep their email addresses secret in the fear of police. But, why has this website done this? This makes swimel.com suspicious. You must think about it before purchasing anything through it.

Fake Images

The images used at swimel.com are fake images. Actually the stock which they claim their stock is just a copied stock. If you copy the image of any item at swimel.com and paste it at google images, you will find the real source of that image. Mostly these images are copied from amazon.com.

Age of the Website

You may already know that old websites have comparatively less risk to be the scam. But, scammers are frequently using the trick of using newly-created websites to dodge the innocent people. if you want to know how old is swimel.com website, go to whois.com and place swimel.com there. You will know that this website is just a week old. One week is not the enough time to trust any website. think wisely!


We have studied deeply about swimel.com and now we have come to the conclusion that there is nothing which we can say legit in this website. it is absolutely a scam online shopping store. You should be aware of all such kinds of fake online shopping websites. These sites have just the motive to loot the innocent people.

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Be aware of such websites!

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