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Regina Twigg Obituary: Kim Mays previously stood out as truly newsworthy when her natural family found she’d been exchanged during childbirth thirty years prior.Yet, between the family that raised her and the family she found she had a place with, when asked whom she considers being her mom now, Mays stated, “I truly don’t feel I have one.”

“I make an effort not to harp on [the past]. I do whatever it takes not to have outrage. I attempt to push ahead as well as can be expected,” ” Mays, 40, told “20/20.”

Photograph: Kim Mays, who was exchanged during childbirth, is seen here during a meeting with “20/20.”In 1978, two pregnant ladies in labor entered Hardee Memorial Hospital, in provincial Wauchula, Florida. Barbara Mays brought forth a young child lady with a severe heart condition on Nov. 29, 1978, and Regina Twigg brought forth a sound child young lady on Dec. 2, 1978.

Kim, Regina Twigg’s reliable child, was given to Barbara and Bob Mays, who brought her up as their girl, while the Mays’ organic little girl who had the heart condition, was given to Regina and Ernest Twigg and raised as Arlena.

For a long time, Arlena and Kim experienced childhood in their separate homes – Kim as a lone youngster and Arlena with seven siblings and sisters.”She was the best, close to nothing, a valuable little youngster that you ever, ever have known in all your years,” said Regina Twigg said of Arlena.

“I had an inclination that I had kicked the bucket with her,” Irisa Roylance said of being with her sister Arlena Twigg when she…Read More

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“I had an inclination that I had kicked the bucket with her,” Irisa Roylance said of being with her sister Arlena Twigg when she died in the clinic at age nine after a heart medical procedure.

“She got a kick out of the chance to draw. She adored dolls. … Commonplace young lady things” said Gina Twigg, Arlena’s sister. “She’d come outside with us. However, she was unable to be out in the warmth. She was unable to run with us. I recollect bicycle riding as a child, and she was never with us during those exercises. She just proved unable.”

It was, in the long run, concluded that Arlena, who had an innate heart imperfection, expected to have an open-heart medical procedure. She endures the activity yet kicked the bucket of inconveniences not long after the medical system. She was nine years of age.

“When Arlena first kicked the bucket, I was lamenting so horrendously,” Regina Twigg said. “We, despite everything, live with that torment. We, despite everything, live with the misfortune… we despite everything lament right up ’til today.”

Her family discovered that Arlena probably wouldn’t be their natural kid when tests were taken before her medical procedure indicated her having an alternate blood classification than both of her folks. Genetic testing later affirmed Arlena was not the youngster Twigg had brought forth.

“I was extremely stunned,” said Irisa Roylance, the Twiggs’ most established youngster, “yet she was my sister, so it didn’t make a difference to me.”

After Arlena’s passing, Regina and Ernest Twigg began looking for their organic girl. Inside half a month, they discovered that Kim Mays and Arlena Twigg had been the primary two white babies conceived at Hardee Memorial in that same week.

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It was Bob Mays who broke the updates on the change to then 9-year-old Kimberly. Barbara Mays had passed on of malignant growth when Kim was only barely two years of age. Kim was almost ten years of age when the man she generally knew as her dad revealed that she probably wouldn’t be his natural girl.

“He needed to sit me down and resembled, ‘Look, there’s another family. Their daughter kicked the bucket. Her blood didn’t coordinate theirs. You were the main other infant conceived at Hardee Memorial Hospital, and they discovered you through an analyst,'” Kim said.

“[He said] ‘I need to tell you that you are my girl. I love you, regardless of what the tests return. However, you need to take a blood test,'” she included.

The account of the switch broke in 1988 and created a media uproar. Bounce Mays opposed genetic testing on Kim from the start, however in the long run, he consented to a genetic test, which verified that Arlena and Kim had returned home with an inappropriate guardian.

Photograph: Ernest and Regina Twigg, joined by their legal advisor John Blakely, left, are seen conversing with the media outside the town hall in Sarasota, Fla., Aug. 10, 1993.

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