Paintings For Life: Gift Ideas


paintingPaintings for life can be the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Every year millions of artists put their hearts and souls to create beyond beautiful pieces of art. Likewise, aesthetes crave to attend auctions and exhibitions that showcase aesthetic painting ideas and paint your life portraits.

Ever thought that these portraits are the ultimate gift ideas for every occasion? Always remember there is a painting for everyone out there. There is absolutely none who isn’t perplexed by the pleasing effects of artwork.

With that said, we have compiled some sensational gift-worthy paintings for life ideas. Each brushstroke sets over different ideas. Every palette narrates an individual color scheme and then elicits such worldly classic masterpieces. All the creatives mentioned below come from signature artists that have left an imprint in the world.

Water Lilies by Claude Monet

Water Lilies by Claude Monet is perhaps his most elaborative series to exist. It has approximately 250 oil paintings, a collection made over 12 years from 1914 to 1926. According to Monet, the pieces inside the series were to supply illusionary effects of water without a horizon. The Water Lily pond is the most attractive part of this series which makes it one of the most memorable paintings for life.

With almost thirty years in painting this one, it features the idyllic Giverny countryside. His inspiration for this view was so strong that he painted it until death, even after being diagnosed with a severe cataract. Monet sticks to the Impressionist style techniques for Water Lilies.

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The idiosyncratic brushstrokes cast a strong impression of flowers contrasting to the water. The Japanese-style bridge in the Water Lilies is an exclusive highlight of this popular series by Monet. He finished nearly 17 paintings by subjecting this bridge in 1899.

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

The bewildering painting ‘Nighthawks’ by Edward Hopper resonates with a midnight scene of Phillie’s diners. Four anonymous figures, two men, a woman, and one bartender, are visible inside the painting. The artwork exemplifies human existentialism and loneliness in the modern age through this artwork.

The all-night diner depicts three customers sitting at the counter opposite the bartender. Each one is lost in their thoughts and disinterested in one another. The enigmatic scene reflects a special message through geometric forms and the glow of the diner’s electric painting.

The artwork is composed of spare details with no entrance to the establishment and no debris found on the street. But, the viewer is left wondering about the figures and their relationships. Concludingly, the portrait embarks on the irony of modern relationships and a life isolated in the yet-so-social lifestyle.

Convergence, 1952 by Jackson Pollock

Convergence is the most famous work of Jackson Pollock, an American artist known as a representative of abstract expressionism. Created on canvas, measuring 93.5 inches by 155 inches, it is considered one of the bravest action paintings ever made.

The painting dates back to the Cold War, a period of war crisis and its aftermath among people. The best part about this painting is that it offers artists of all types the confidence to portray their feelings and ideas without the worry of public scrutiny of those thoughts.

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As demonstrated by Convergence, Jackson Pollock’s style of painting heads towards innovation in the history of painting. The oil reproduction was the symbol of free speech and expression. It helped America stand for all wrapped in a messy package during the cold war with Russia.

The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse 

The Lady of Shalott by Waterhouse is one of his best oil on canvas reproductions. He illustrates the plight of an alluring and tragic woman. The foreground depicts dark woods and unkempt reeds that echo the isolation and despair that the woman is suffering. The portraiture is balanced with John’s brilliant artistic candor.

Using his entire canvas, he paints the pale figure of the women on one side and the horizon going back to the hills on the other. A longboat spread proportionally over the painting saves the artwork from being one-sided. The minimalist warm and autumn color palette keeps the tone of the canvas quite subtle.

The use of natural light and autumnal feeling embraces the perfection of realism that John encapsulates as an artist. The precision in details through similar color tones underlines the tragic events that unfold the unhappy life of the lady.

School of Athens by Raphael- Paintings For Life

The applause-worthy work of Raphael, School of Athens is so far a historic expansion of feelings on the canvas. As a spectator, the portraiture hits you in a theatrical setting of a stage. However, the architectural incompleteness and the use of sky indicate no School building in Athens in reality.

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The God Apollo and God Athena are aligned with Plato and Aristotle’s heads, respectively. The center between the two philosophers is the point where the two diagonals intersect. A dialectical interplay of ideas and reconciliation runs parallel between the two philosophies. He used a linear perspective with a central vanishing point marking a high end of the classical Renaissance.

Another distinct exponent which displays the architectural grandeur is achieved with one-point perspective and unique lighting techniques. The concrete lighting on the canvas is logical and consistent with reality. The flawless brush stroke refines the heads of the Gods to line up their philosophical identities. It symbolizes philosophy and areas of human knowledge painted in the main room – Stanza Della Segnatura.

The Bottom Line

Paint your life like such legendary portraits and oil-on-canvas reproductions. They are class-apart gift ideas that everyone likes, which can be conveniently found online and ordered through various artwork promoting websites.

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