William Andy Banks Missing – Missing Raleigh man’s car

William Andy Banks Missing: The Raleigh, North Carolina, police division detailed 39-year-old William “Andy” Banks missing Saturday and is requesting the open’s assistance to find him.

Banks was most recently seen around 2 p.m. Saturday in Raleigh, in the Cameron Village zone, an upscale shopping and private locale.

“He met two individuals from Craigslist to attempt to sell his vehicle,” companion Amanda Finch told the Star-Tribune at the beginning of today. “He hasn’t been seen or gotten with since.”

Banks is fair and 6 feet tall, last observed wearing blue Patagonia shorts, a dark shirt with an image of a mountain on the front and flip lemon.

A respondent to Finch’s Facebook post about Banks’ vanishing announced seeing his silver 2012 Range Rover off the U.S. 29 detour in Blairs, by the stop sign, with the lights killed.

“I didn’t appreciate it, then again, actually was an unusual spot to leave a range wanderer,” the respondent said.

The last locating of his vehicle was the previous evening around 8:30 p.m.

Banks’ mobile phone was additionally found on North Carolina interstate 440 traveling west from Raleigh toward Danville.

“We have companions that are tech individuals,” Finch said. “They had the option to glance through Andy’s messages through a cloud on his PC that was at home. They had the option to discover that the telephone number they were utilizing to message Andy was a burner telephone.”

The burner telephone was apparently last pinged in Danville.

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