How to choose a safe online casino in Norway: 10 tips for beginners


Courtesy of technological advancement, online casinos have now become part of the gambling sphere in Norway. Players are using internet-enabled devices including their phones to engage in various games that are offered in different casinos. For beginners, selecting the best and most secure site can be a herculean task. In this article, we will be offering tips that can help beginners to select a safe online casino in Norway.

Nina Olsendburg, an online casino expert, who has written extensively about safety when playing at an online casino, insists that “Utvelgelsen av en trygg norske betting sider i Norge er et skritt mot å få en flott opplevelse i pengespill. Hvis du er en ny spiller på jakt etter den beste norske bettingsiden, bør sikkerhet være første vurdering. Dette kan fastslås ved å se på sikkerhetsfunksjoner samt lese gjennom erfaringene fra andre brukeres blant andre metoder. Du bør ikke gå på akkord med dette, da det vil avgjøre opplevelsen din når det gjelder pengene og private data.”

These sentiments are shared by several online casino pundits, they agree that the following tips can make a difference as far as getting a safe online casino is concerned here

1. Licensed casino

If you want to safeguard the safety of your money and personal data, select a regulated casino. There are so many online platforms offering casino games purporting to be licensed. To distinguish them from genuine players, insist on checking on their licenses. This information is available to the regulator, the Norwegian Gambling Authority.

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Although it may be tempting to play in an unregulated casino due to the incentives offered, you are putting your data and money at risk. In case of unfair practices by the operator, you do not have a remedy. Playing in a registered and licensed casino gives you confidence that the operator will stick to the rules since there is a risk of being banned due to malpractices and no serious operator would want that.

2. Read through reviews

There must be others who have used a casino unless it’s a new one. Get their reviews and comments. You will get to know a lot about the given online casino. The fact that they also give a rating also tells you whether it is worth your time or not. Look at different aspects of a casino with security in this case being the most paramount. After reading several reviews and comments, you will have an informed opinion about the platforms you are considering selecting.

3. Is the site secure

Check on the following features:

  • Does the site have a secure link? If it does not have, your data risk being compromised
  • Does the site require you to have a two-way or multiple authentication? If it does, the level of security is high
  • Does the site share your data with third parties without your consent? If it does, run!

4. Check for fair bonuses and promotions

A good casino will offer its players regular incentives in form of bonuses and promotions. Some may be out to hoodwink players into signing in. So check from the reviews whether the incentives are genuine or whether you will be asked to perform certain tasks to utilize the bonuses.

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5. Consider the payment methods

Ensure that the payment methods that are available on the online casino site are secure. Some methods may not be convenient due to low-security levels, avoid such especially if you do not have any knowledge about them.

6. Updated software

An online casino may have good software but it has not been updated for some time. Such will not only make you insecure but also deny you a chance to enjoy some features. Check whether they update their software regularly as this may mean a lot in terms of your security and experience in an online casino.


7. Check the casino’s reputation

How the operator has treated other players greatly determines its levels of security. Players might have been treated badly; chances are that a similar experience awaits you.

8. Opt for quality and not quantity

A casino may lure you with loads of incentives. Although there is nothing wrong with this, you should not just accept signing with them until you establish that quality is maintained at all times.

9. Transparent terms and conditions

It is important to read the terms and conditions as they hold the key to understanding your relationship with the operator. If you find that they have used vague language, think twice as you are likely to fall victim to malpractices.

10. Reliable customer support

You will feel that you are in a safe casino if there is responsive customer support. In the event there is a breach of security, your issues can be addressed fast and avoid ugly incidences.

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Selecting a safe online casino as experts have put it is the beginning of a great experience. Do not compromise on this as the consequences can be ugly.

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