Anxiety Disorder: A Candidate for Medical Cannabis Use in Baton Rouge

With the continuing advancements made in the study of medicine, medical marijuana is becoming a well-known treatment for certain disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Anxiety affects millions of people worldwide and the citizens of Baton Rouge are no exception.

While cannabis for anxiety is gaining recognition as an effective treatment, it can be difficult to obtain medical marijuana without a card in many states. So, is it worth the hassle? 

In this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of medical cannabis for anxiety and determine whether it is truly an effective form of treatment for the disorder.

Does Anxiety Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

The answer is yes.

In February 2021, the Medical Marijuana Law was expanded to include additional disorders and diseases. Following the expansion of the law, doctors are now able to recommend medical cannabis for anxiety, glaucoma, cancer, epilepsy and PTSD, among many other illnesses.

While many states require a medical marijuana “card” for patients to receive prescription medical marijuana, in Louisiana, a medical marijuana card is not necessary. Instead, your prescribing doctor must give you a certificate of recommendation to access medical marijuana in Baton Rouge.

Could You Benefit From a Certificate of Recommendation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

Seeing as the use of medical cannabis is still taboo to some, it is not as accessible as other medications. That being said, obtaining a medical marijuana card in Baton Rouge could help you find a doctor to fulfill your needs much faster and easier.

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Having a medical marijuana card in Baton Rouge ensures that you will be receiving high-quality, judgment-free and certified treatment from qualified professionals in the area. 

Some benefits of having a medical marijuana card include free follow-up checkups, affordable prices and discounts and an educational resource center about medical cannabis, among other things.

Benefits of Medical Cannabis for Anxiety

Many studies have been conducted to determine how individuals who suffer from anxiety disorder can benefit from using medical cannabis for anxiety. Some of the benefits found include:

  •     Reduced Symptoms of Social Anxiety: Scans of patients’ brains found that cannabis prompted a change in their blood flow, reducing the symptoms of social anxiety and about ⅔ of college students studied mentioned that using cannabis alleviated symptoms of their social anxiety.
  •     Relieved Stress: Using cannabis for anxiety could reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. In fact, it can prompt as much as a 58% reduction in levels of stress and anxiety. Heightened levels of stress are a common side effect of anxiety that can wreak serious damage on an individual’s body over time, which means that stress reduction can have a serious positive impact on those with anxiety.
  •     Improved Sleep: While those with anxiety often struggle with insomnia, those who use medical cannabis fall asleep faster and easier than those who do not.

Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat or Alleviate Anxiety?

Many studies have shown that medical marijuana can treat individuals with anxiety disorder. An anonymous survey found that 58% of respondents mentioned using cannabis for anxiety treatment. While many are still skeptical about the use of medical cannabis for anxiety and other illnesses, many studies and surveys have proven that medical cannabis reduces the anxiety levels of some patients.

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How Does Cannabis Help Patients With Anxiety?

Anxiety disorder comes with different symptoms and effects. Using cannabis for anxiety patients has resulted in positive impacts on their sleeping patterns, stress levels and social anxiety, as we’ve mentioned above. 

Aside from that, medical cannabis has also been shown to reduce symptoms of depression among users; in fact, for about half of people, it only takes two puffs of medical marijuana to reduce symptoms.


Medical cannabis is gradually becoming more accessible in Baton Rouge. By securing a certificate of recommendation from your doctor, you can gain access to an affordable and secure source of medical cannabis for anxiety.

Get your recommendation today to gain access to medical marijuana products in Baton Rouge.

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