Got Mail?: The Differences Between a P.O. Box and a Real Street Address

Even though around 300 billion emails are sent daily, physical mail is still needed. That is especially important for businesses and for folks who don’t use email. Every real street address has the potential to have mail delivery. However, a street address is not the only way to receive mail and packages. You could also set up a P.O. Box or Post Office Box. Think of that P.O. Box as your virtual mailbox. You might discover that a virtual mailbox provides much more flexibility and security for all your mail delivery needs.  

What is a virtual mailbox? 

A virtual mailbox with a street address is a legitimate way to have mail delivered in your name or the name of your business. You can set this up at a government post office or a certified mail delivery storefront. Why would you need a virtual mailbox? It is all about having a “registered agent” accepting your mail. A registered agent is someone designated to receive mail for a business. That is a requirement for any legal business formation. Even if you run your business 100% out of your home and entirely online, you still need an address. Also, every business is a matter of the public record. That means anyone can access the business address. Would you rather your customers know where you live or the address to your virtual mailbox? 

Consistent delivery 

Mail gets delivered throughout the week. Some of that mail needs a signature to confirm receipt. That indeed happens a lot with business correspondence. However, if your mail address is your home, then you might not always be there to sign for the mail. A virtual mailbox will have someone to sign and accept certified mail during regular delivery hours. As a result, you won’t have to worry about lost mail. In addition, having consistent delivery can be a great stress reducer for your business operation. The virtual mailbox can also accept packages. More importantly, they can keep those packages safe. There will be no risk of a “porch pirate” stealing boxes from a virtual mailbox facility. Remember that a USPS P.O. Box can’t accept packages from independent courier services such as UPS or FedEx. A private virtual mailbox company can accept all packages. 

Premium addresses 

Specific addresses carry a kind of premium status. A company on Park Avenue, Wall Street, or Rodeo Drive sounds impressive, and you could find a virtual mailbox on one of those streets. That can become your business address. Of course, that will mean making the trek to the virtual mailbox to collect your mail, but it would be worth that premium address. 

Parting Shot 

A virtual mailbox provides an added layer of insulation from your private life to your business life. It is a separate entity that keeps your personal address out of public access. It also provides flexibility. Your virtual mailbox will remain constant whether you move your home or business. Consistency is always good for business.  

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