Guide To Buying Custom Wedding Rings from Angara


Custom Wedding Rings from Angara

You just got engaged. Maybe you are the type who has a scrapbook full of paper cutouts of how you want your wedding to look. Or you are the kind who has zero clue and is currently typing ‘how to plan a wedding’ on Google, hoping to find answers. With all the decisions, to-do lists, and deadlines, wedding planning can get overwhelming. Our advice? Have fun! Yes, the mountain of things to be done may seem enormous, but it is important for you and your partner to enjoy the process.

The most important and symbolic part of your wedding day is when you exchange wedding rings, and choosing these pieces of jewelry is something every couple needs to plan. Whether you want you and your partner’s wedding rings to match, or you want your wedding band to complement your engagement ring, you want to make sure it ticks all your boxes. More and more couples want to take the customization route these days as it allows you to express your unique personality and add symbolism to your rings. Before you get on an online jewelry shopping website to custom create your wedding band, it is always a good idea to know what is out there in terms of metals, gemstones, settings and styles that match your personal taste and budget.

Angara jewelry takes pride in their wedding jewelry offerings which marries age-old jewelry wisdom with new-age technology. At Angara, they offer all the support and guidance you require to custom create your wedding ring. Keep reading to understand what are the choices and options you have while creating your wedding ring.

Start by Choosing the Metal

Angara offers a wide variety of metal options. One thing to consider when choosing a metal is what type of lifestyle you have. If you have a very active and outdoorsy lifestyle, it is better to opt for a durable and scratch-resistant metal like platinum. If you have sensitive skin, then opt for alloy-free, pure metals like platinum or yellow gold. Another option is to go with two-tone metal, with a combination of complementary or contrasting metals fused in a design of your liking.

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Next Up Is Choosing the Gemstone

Traditionally, wedding bands are plain metal bands. However, couples are breaking the mold and opting for unique gemstone wedding rings to express their commitment. A row of stones all around the band is a classic design for a wedding ring, or you could have a single colored gemstone as the focal point of the band. Angara offers a range of choices from colored diamonds and precious stones to semi-precious stones, so set your creativity free!

What Gemstone Shape do you Prefer

Traditionally, engagement rings have one stand-out stone. However, in wedding bands, the stones tend to be smaller. The best gem shapes to use for embellishing a wedding band are round, baguette, emerald and cushion cuts. You may want to choose a shape based on the shape of your engagement ring, so they will look good when worn together. The carat weight of the stones that you choose will influence the price of the ring, so make sure you are aware of the gemstone specifications. Knowing this will help you balance the cost. For instance, if you want a platinum ring with small round channel-set diamonds of good quality on your band, but the diamond weight is maxing out your budget, you can swap the metal for white gold, which looks just like platinum, but is more economical. Or, if you are particular about the metal, then you can opt for diamonds that have minor inclusions, but are not visible to the naked eye. This way your ring will still look the way you imagined it, and it will also fit your budget.

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What Style of Ring Speaks to You

With wedding rings, you have the option of leaving them plain, or have a row of stones set along the entire circle in an eternity style. You could also have the infinity loop design incorporated into the shank or if you are planning on stacking your rings, you could opt for a design that matches your engagement ring design.

Are You Sticking to Your Budget

At Angara, you can pick a price range you are comfortable with, and you’ll get all the options that match. This makes it a whole lot easier than designing your ring and then realizing your dream wedding band is going to force you to scale down on your other spends.

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Make sure you select the right finish for your wedding band. You can choose from:
    • High Polish—The outer and inner surfaces are polished to a high shine, and it is smooth and very reflective.
    • Satin Finish—This is the intermediate between a matte and high polish finish. It is smooth, but not as reflective as the high polish finish.
    • Matte Finish—This is where there is fine texture on the surface of the ring. It gives a very distinctive look and helps cover minute scratches and other irregularities which can occur with wear.
    • Brushed Finish—This is a type of finish where the texture is a bit more pronounced than the satin finish. It is called so because of the brushstroke-like appearance on the surface.
    • Hammered Finish—This type of finish has the appearance of the ring being hammered, with little dimples all across the surface of the ring.
  • You can also customize your wedding band with engravings. You can add your partner’s name, or even a message that is special to both of you. 
  • A good pointer is to keep the metal, shape of the stones and width of your wedding band the same as your engagement ring. 
  • Consider what occupation you are in before you pick the metal and style of the ring. 
  • Think about whether you want to match your wedding ring to your partner’s, and choose designs accordingly.

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